Car 1 – 1966 Series 2 88″


This picture show the original state of the car before we started work on it.

The process started with getting it under cover and stripping off the body work to check out the condition of the chassis.  It wasn’t good news, massive amount of rust and too much work to recover so the chassis needs changing.


So a search on eBay found another chassis in better condition than ours so after a bit of bidding we won that and collection is set for 29th March 2013.


5 thoughts on “Car 1 – 1966 Series 2 88″

    1. landyrebuilds Post author

      Yeah this one isn’t in a good place at all. we are fingers crossed that all will start moving quickly now we have most of the bits we need.

      Just about to put up another couple of updates from over the weekend.


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