Car 2 – 1983 Ninety



I purchased this car a couple of years ago, in its former life it was used at a stables to look after a horse and move straw around.

Since purchase it’s had a fair amount of work done to it.  Such as a change from 2.25L Petrol Engine to a 2.5L Turbo Diesel taken from a Discovery 1.  Numerous chassis repairs for MOT’s showed how the age was starting to show.   More repairs aren’t possible due to how close they are to others.

My plan is to purchase a new Galvanized chassis from Richards Chassis when funds allow.  to begin the job will just be a straight swap with minimal other work at the same time.  I will replace the bushes on suspension parts while I am at it.


3 thoughts on “Car 2 – 1983 Ninety

    1. landyrebuilds Post author

      None of us have kids yet, the lad who owns the series is only 20, I own the ninety and am 29.

      They are only project cars really as we have everyday road cars so can afford time off the road.


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