Chassis collection

Well we are on our way on 150 mile round trip to collect the chassis for the series 2 car.


Well chassis collected and we got a new bulkhead while we were at it.



Well after a long morning / afternoon traveling we got back with the new toys and started getting the garage ready to put everything in.  First job was to move the old chassis sideways so we could put the new one in next to it.

Clear Garage


As we moved the old chassis it showed how bad a condition it was in by snapping in half, here is a picture of the underside of the rear end.



So after we tidied all that up we rolled the new chassis into place next to it, this one looks in much better condition.  we also popped the new bulkhead into place just to see how it looks.



Up next is setting out a list of jobs that need doing so we can get on with the rebuild.


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