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The Tide Has Turned

Well the last of the strip down has finished. On Sunday we took all the bits off the old bulkhead that we wanted, took the springs off the new axle ready for cleaning and painting.

So this week the build should actually start moving forward. We have welded in the first of the foot well repairs, and all being well the drivers side will be in soon too. [Photo’s to follow]

Also ordered are new bulkhead outriggers and we will be welding these on too when they arrive.

Our new bulkhead outriggers thanks to



Easter Weekend Progress

Well after the fun and games of Friday we worked some more on Saturday and Monday, so here is a little run down of what we have done.

First job was to finish stripping out the old chassis so removing the bulkhead and engine.  With the aid of an engine hoist this was made much easier.

IMG_0109 IMG_0108


At this point we could clear out the work space and give us plenty of room for the new chassis.

Late on Friday night the new rear roof section arrived from North Wales, so we also wanted to pop that on the tub and see how it sat.

IMG_0113 IMG_0114


We spent the rest of the afternoon giving the sections of body a jet wash and starting to clear the chassis to tidy it all up then prepare ourselves for the hard work to start on the Monday.

The original plan for Monday was to strip down the old and new bulkheads so we could better assess their condition, the new bulkhead we picked up with the chassis came with replacement foot wells, but we want to give the rest of it a once over too.

But the best laid plans changed and first thing we did was to fire up the diesel engine which was sold as running, so after wiring up and a bit of work it turned over and sounded pretty nice.

So after that little win for the day we decided to strip the chassis right down and start removing the protection and paint, with the plan that we will check the condition of all the metal, do any repairs that we can see then re apply some protection.

IMG_0011 IMG_0012

Out came the engine, gearbox, fuel tank and anything else we could unbolt and remove to the point by time we finished the only bits left on were the axles, which we hope to get off one night this week so they can be cleaned and painted.  The current thinking is red axles and yellow springs with black chassis.