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Late May Bank Holiday Progress

A busy last couple of weeks away from the car with other commitments and rejigging the garage we once again cracked on with a Bank Holiday weekend of work on the car.

Our target for this one was prime and paint the axles, springs and U Bolts.

To get there we had to rub down plenty of bits, all thankfully smaller than the chassis.

WhitBankHoliday (11) (Large)

The colour plan for the car so far is black body work, black chassis, yellow engine, yellow springs and red axels.

WhitBankHoliday (Large) WhitBankHoliday (6) (Large)  WhitBankHoliday (4) (Large)WhitBankHoliday (10) (Large)WhitBankHoliday (2) (Large)


When the springs are dry we will be turning them over and painting the other side.  so this week we should be able to bolt springs back to axles and then look to bolt that all back on to the chassis when we have purchased the bush kit for it.


May Day Progress

Well with the nice weather, the progress on Friday had to be followed up again with another productive day.


After a little bit more work rubbing the chassis down we decided that it was far enough to prime.  So out with the red undercoat and roller.




So after a hard day of prep, clean and paint it gets to pack up time, the last thing we move under cover turns out to be a cross member from the chassis that we unbolted to clean and the forgot about, so we still have that to paint but should be done soon.

Next up : Rubbing down the axles and springs and hopefully by the end of May we will have them all painted and bolted together so back to a rolling chassis.

Slow progress

Well recently progress has been slow but we are getting there. The chassis is in the progress of being rubbed back to bare metal, removing the schultz has taken alot of tools and time. But a wire wheel attached to grinder has worked wonders.

We found a couple of bits that needed repairing so we have just done them. Here are some before and after shots.