May Day Progress

Well with the nice weather, the progress on Friday had to be followed up again with another productive day.


After a little bit more work rubbing the chassis down we decided that it was far enough to prime.  So out with the red undercoat and roller.




So after a hard day of prep, clean and paint it gets to pack up time, the last thing we move under cover turns out to be a cross member from the chassis that we unbolted to clean and the forgot about, so we still have that to paint but should be done soon.

Next up : Rubbing down the axles and springs and hopefully by the end of May we will have them all painted and bolted together so back to a rolling chassis.


2 thoughts on “May Day Progress

  1. mud4fun

    Wow, it looks great.

    Perfect painting weather this weekend too, quite rare to actually get a bank holiday weekend with such glorious weather 🙂


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