Late May Bank Holiday Progress

A busy last couple of weeks away from the car with other commitments and rejigging the garage we once again cracked on with a Bank Holiday weekend of work on the car.

Our target for this one was prime and paint the axles, springs and U Bolts.

To get there we had to rub down plenty of bits, all thankfully smaller than the chassis.

WhitBankHoliday (11) (Large)

The colour plan for the car so far is black body work, black chassis, yellow engine, yellow springs and red axels.

WhitBankHoliday (Large) WhitBankHoliday (6) (Large)  WhitBankHoliday (4) (Large)WhitBankHoliday (10) (Large)WhitBankHoliday (2) (Large)


When the springs are dry we will be turning them over and painting the other side.  so this week we should be able to bolt springs back to axles and then look to bolt that all back on to the chassis when we have purchased the bush kit for it.


1 thought on “Late May Bank Holiday Progress

  1. mud4fun

    Love the colour scheme! yellow leafs always look good.

    I’m tempted to pinch that and paint Annies paras in yellow. They are one of the few items we fitted that I didn’t strip and paint myself but the factory Bearmach paint on the brand new parabolics lasted all of about 6 months before turning to rust 😦 In comparison all the parts I stripped to bare metal and painted myself are still as good as the day I painted them two years and 7K miles ago…..


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