Unplanned Progress

Considering that last week one of the lads doing the build was injured, requiring 12 stitches in his arm I thought progress would have slowed a bit till he was better, but with the nice weather the other 2 of us decided to progress a bit.


This is after the stitches, the before is a bit too nasty for the blog. Stitches out 08/06/13 hopefully.

Plan started with “Lets bolt the springs back on to the axles, see how the colours look together. But some how it ended up as being lets have the car back to a rolling chassis. With a bit of a hand from the owners brother we moved the chassis from its stored location out to the car port and on top of the axles.

The chassis still needs its final coat of paint which we hope will come in the next couple of weeks. Then we will be getting the engine, gearbox and transfer box back on to the chassis.


This is a bit of off roading from the lad with the injury, the car here is currently in bits and the car that recovered is the one that he is now driving.



22 thoughts on “Unplanned Progress

  1. mud4fun

    Oh no, sorry to hear of the injury, I hope it heals quickly. How did he manage that?

    On a happier note, the springs and axle look great. Really colourful and cheery! I used to be a die hard ‘paint it stock black’ but after I had painted my wifes axles in bright blue I got the bug to be more colourful in future as I think they make people smile and make the vehicle more distinctive and more personal to you.

    On another note, why is the ‘wirral’ in your tags? Do you live there? My family used to live on the wirral for many years starting out in Bromborough, then as my Dad got wealthier we moved to Caldy and West Kirby. The last house we lived in on the Wirral was almost directly opposite the column on the hill above West Kirby and my bedroom had views right across the Dee to Snowden in the far distance. πŸ™‚


  2. landyrebuilds Post author

    He was cutting down a big metal sign when it decided to give way before it was meant to and as it dropped caught his arm, going to be a hell of a scar.

    Colour is a big talking point at the moment, colour choices being bounced around are:
    – Black with Silver cappings & detail
    – Black all over
    – Green & Yellow (John Deere Style)
    – Black & Yellow
    – Black & Red
    – Black & White
    – Black & Green
    – Black & Blue

    Yep the 3 of us are Wirral based, I’m actually not too far from Caldy. There are indeed some excellent views in the area, one side the countryside of Wales and the hills and the other the Liverpool waterfront.

  3. mud4fun

    Ah, it wasn’t Land Rover related then! After injuring myself so many times and in so many different ways while working on the vehicles I just assumed he’d done the same πŸ™‚

    My vote goes with John Deere colour scheme.

    I have fond memories of the Wirral and will be taking my daughters over there in the next year or two (one I have the Land Rovers finished) for a tour of where I used to live. Yes, I know it is not recommended as places change and not always for the better and not always as you remember them but I’d like to show them where I grew up. I was having a look at google the other day at my old School (Calday Grange Grammar) and discovered it now accepts girls!! How things have changed, it was all boys when I was there and fraternising with the girls from West Kirby was frowned upon πŸ™‚

  4. landyrebuilds Post author

    Considering how he works we are amazed he hasn’t hurt himself on this or any of his cars before now. i will add an image to one of his off road attempts a couple of years ago in his old car.

    I shall pass on your colour choice, might put it to vote on our Facebook account and see what others say.

    Well if you are up on the wirral let us know, dependant on progress we could meet up for a glass of soft drink somewhere or invite you round to see the progress of the car. 2 of us went to mixed schools but one of the lads went to Pensby boys so knows the whole fraternising with girls from another school. The girls in caldy i think are only in the 6th form? there was a similar thing with birkenhead boys school allowing girls also.

    1. mud4fun

      It’ll be next year for the trip to the Wirral as I need to get my Land Rover finished first, in fact there is some urgency to it now as my Mazda is getting to the point of being unreliable and costly (now done 200K miles) and I’d rather be spending money on the Series trucks than on the jap truck. You’ll have your trucks finished by then at the rate of progress you are making! πŸ™‚

    1. landyrebuilds Post author

      Yeah it was, we have a couple he took before stitches, dont want to post them as they make me feel ill!

      Stitches are now out so probably another couple of weekends light painting duty then time to get on, maybe put the engine and boxes in.

      1. mud4fun

        Hope it heals up quickly but as you say, likely he’ll have a nasty scar there. I sliced my finger with a stanley knife when I was a kid and I still have the scar and that was a clean cut. Mind you I think they do a better job these days of treating the wounds.

        I’m hoping for some good warm dry weather as I want to get my bulkhead stripped to bare metal, zinc sprayed and painted, it is the last major item that needs refurbing before I can then start bolting the thing back together. I need a good few days of dry weather for that as I have to work outside in the garden, I so envy you having the big workshop. Freezing and damp here at the moment though so will probably have to carry on with the smaller items. Just been looking at the number of parts I need to clean and paint for the the truck cab, amazing how many pieces of trim there are when you strip the thing right down!

  5. mud4fun

    I’ve just noticed something unusual about your chassis – you don’t seem to have any tub mounting tabs on the outriggers where the front of the tub is normally bolted to the chassis. I’m guessing the two blocks on the main crossmember were added by a previous owner to support the front end of the tub? I’ve not seen this arrangement before. Have the front mounting locations on the tub, that normally attach to the tabs on the outrigger, rotted away entirely?

  6. landyrebuilds Post author

    I’m not sure on that one, I wasn’t involved in the tear down of the original car so not sure how the front of the tub mounted. I shall mention it to them this afternoon and see what they say, might have to empty the tub of all the other body work and have a look.

    Thankfully if there is bits missing we have a metal worker available to fabricate something for us.

    1. mud4fun

      If you look at my chassis here:


      You’ll see the tabs on the outriggers next to the main crossmember in the middle of the chassis. They are just like the tabs on the rear crossmember and there should be a corresponding set of bolt holes in the lower lip of the tub front just below where the seat box is bolted to. Ciggys Chassis is a Series 2 so it only has the two tabs at the front of the tub. However later Series 3 chassis had four tabs at the tub front, two on the ends of the outriggers and two on the big crossmember roughly where those brackets are currently welded on yours. The lower section of the tub usually rots badlly with bi-metal corrosion around the mountings so I suspect in your case a previous owner has simply fabricated some heavy duty mounts for the tub to sit on instead.

      1. landyrebuilds Post author

        See what you are talking about now, it may be the the previous owner removed them, when we collected the chassis it had no body so maybe he was planning something different.

        Next time we are round with the tub we can take a look and retro fit a mount to the outrigger.

  7. landyrebuilds Post author

    Well have had a look through our pictures and noticed on the original chassis that we had the plates you are talking about [ https://landyrebuilds.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/img_0001.jpg ] so its something to do with the new chassis.

    The way we see it is there are 2 choices. we assume the tub has bolt holes for those mounts so we fabricate a plate that will bolt in to the out rigger and then in to the tub. or in those brackets on the cross member the mounts have rivnuts so we could drill the tub and bolt in to them.

    Think the easiest way will be to put a plate in, maybe with slotted holes to help with alignment.

    1. mud4fun

      Easy enough to sort for you as you can weld! πŸ™‚

      Odd though that the original brackets were removed. I can’t imagine why as the rest of that chassis looks in good shape.

      1. landyrebuilds Post author

        Think we would do it as a bolt on one so it doesnt have to be mega accurate.

        One thought might be if it was a pair of new outriggers without the adaption of the plate. Or a lightweight chassis. Either way many thanks for pointing it out, doubt we would have picked up on it.

  8. mud4fun

    LOL, you would have noticed eventually, probably at the point of bolting the tub on and it would have been shortly followed by a lot of swearing πŸ˜‰

    1. mud4fun

      Yes, that is a 109″ chassis, looks like a station wagon one too by the looks of it as it has the kickup in the rear chassis to allow for rear seats and they do differ but I thought yours was an 88″ and I’ve never seen one with the arrangment you have. Mind you with the long and varied history of these trucks even in factory form let alone the mods made by subsequent owners who knows what has gone one! As long as you have a couple of bolts somewhere at the front end of the tub, regardless of where they are, all should be well πŸ™‚

      I’ve actually discovered a problem with my own tub, the holes in the front of the tub don’t line up exactly with the holes in the brackets/tabs on the chassis (horizontally out by about 1/2″) – not sure why as the tub is a genuine Series 2 and the new richards chassis was spec’d as a Series 2 for the appropriate year. Looks like I’ll have to make up some reinforcement plates with new holes drilled in the correct place…..why is nothing ever straightforward? πŸ˜‰


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