Car 2 : Step 1 Parts Removal

Well a good way to spend fathers day was working with dad on stripping down the car to get ready for the rebuild.  Step 1 was empty out all the stuff we had stored in there and found a new home for it all.  Then we were going to remove anything that is not essential to the engine running.

IMG_0003 (Medium)

So it was time to remove all of the following :

  • Interior Light
  • Headlining inc rear view mirror & sun visors
  • CB Arial wire
  • Light Bar & Wiring
  • Snorkel
  • Cubby Box
  • CB Radio
  • Missile switches from the dash
  • Rear Seats
  • Seat belt mounts for the front
  • Rear head padding
  • All rear lights & tow bar wiring

IMG_0007 (Medium) IMG_0006 (Medium) IMG_0005 (Medium) IMG_0004 (Medium) IMG_0002 (Medium)

The plan at the moment is some time this week remove the roof, rear window section and rear tub.  We will then cover the cab section with a tarp till the chassis arrives and we move the car to the location of the rebuild.

While working round the car we gave all the tub mounts a good spray with penetrating fluid so hopefully they will all come off a bit easier when we try to do it.


2 thoughts on “Car 2 : Step 1 Parts Removal

  1. mud4fun

    It is amazxing how much space all those parts will take up once removed from the vehicle.

    PS. So what sort of missiles is it armed with then? 😉

  2. landyrebuilds Post author

    well depending on the music coming out of the speakers with the help of the sub it can range from bad joke missiles to mud missiles, also depends on terrain normally.


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