Car 2 : Step 2 Body Removal

To carry on with getting ready for the new chassis and the replacement body work we are going to make we wanted the tub and rear sections removing so they could be measured up better and also see other bits that weren’t so clear while on the car.

So step 1 was remove the rear door, 6 bolts and it was off


Next on to the roof


We then finished removing the seat backs from the rear of the tub so did didn’t have them to worry about when removing the tub.  Then we removed the rear window sections too.



After that the biggest job was removing the tub, all the tub to seat box bolts came out ok,  the seat belts unbolted easy too.  The rear tub bolts didn’t want to budge so a grinder and cutting disk made light work to them, then tub just lifted off.

Last job of the day was to remove the doors, as these need work and to sore the car makes it easier.



^ This is the bottom of the near side door



12 thoughts on “Car 2 : Step 2 Body Removal

  1. mud4fun

    Oh dear, not much left of that door frame. Are you going to repair or buy new?

    My Series 2 still has her original doors but the lower frame on one must have rotted away at some point and a previous owner has simply welded a length of angle iron in its place. It is actually pretty strong and the rest of the frames are in good shape so I left it but took the frames to bare metal and zinc primed. Hopefully they’ll last a few more years.

  2. landyrebuilds Post author

    Well the joys of dad being a tin basher! Think it will start as a repair, but if they are too much work might have to look at replacements. We have seen the repair sections on YRM for £17.50 ex vat so think we will inspect and find out how much we would need, see if it is economical.

    The front doors are still originals, the rear was a replacement when I purchased the car as old one was shot.

      1. landyrebuilds Post author

        I think I will be ordering bits too in the near future, bits like the supports for the rear floor, those we have at the moment are repair section we put it, so those and probably door repairs too.

        Then its look at the prices for all other bits i want to replace also. Ideally want to get as much of it from the same place as possible.

  3. mud4fun

    I did the tub floor supports last year on my tub. It was quite easy with the tub off and actually a very pleasant job. I used Britpart items and to be fair they were fine. I just coated them in alot of paint to give some sort of decent lifespan! I’d have preferred galvanised ones but they were much more expensive and I’m on a tight budget.

    If it is any help my post about fitting them is here:

    I didn’t realise that YRM did the tub supports. I will have a look as I need to order some more for my wifes 109″, like you, I may as well get them all at the same time as the seat box panels 🙂

    1. mud4fun

      Funny, their picture shows a genuine part and yet the text on the right hand side says aftermarket. I suspect for that price they’ll be britpart and not galvanised although you get them galv’d if you have somewhere local that does that. My britpart ones were around that sort of price.

      I’m sure the YRM ones will be far better quality AND they are galvanised but unlike the 88″ that only needs three of them, the 109″ needs SIX of them and that is a lot of money….decisions, decisions 🙂

  4. landyrebuilds Post author

    Just emailed Paddocks and their response was no they aren’t galvanised so yeah you are probably right, brit part bits. might have to enquire about cost of getting them done, if its less than £30 then it might make sense but i doubt it will be. For your 6 maybe.

    1. mud4fun

      LOL, I spoke to a local galvanising company last year but they have a policy of a minimum price. So basically it would cost £85+ to get bits galvanised whether that was one part or one hundred! In fact, from memory, the £85 would have got every single steel part galvanised such as tub cappings, windscreen, tub supports, door sills, numerous smaller brackets and even the bulkhead. But I was never organised enough to have everything stripped off ready to be done in one go. The next build I do I will carefully get all the steel items sat on a pallet and sent off in one go to be galvanised as it would then be very cheap. Not cost effective to do a few bits at a time though.

  5. landyrebuilds Post author

    Well the rear tub cross members have been ordered, got them from paddocks as dad’s work have a job going for galvanising they have said we can put it in with that so minimal cost for getting them done, bonus!


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