Car 3 : Project Bob or Project Tubby?

Out of bordom our friend has decided to join in with a land rover project as he is feeling left out.

So with his old discovery the question is do we bob or tub the car with a defender tub.




3 thoughts on “Car 3 : Project Bob or Project Tubby?

  1. mud4fun

    Bob – I always love bobtails, especially Classic Range Rovers, if done properly they look superb and actually better than the original vehicle. There was a guy I knew (to say hello to) who was high up in the AWDC who had a black Range Rover bobtail done so professionally it looked like it had come from the factory, sat on 33″ mud tyres on chrome wheels (this was the 80’s) it looked the dogs. I’ve seen a few bobbed Discos and they too can look good but the height of the rear roof section means they don’t have quite the ‘factory’ grace as the RR’s. Still nice though 🙂

    1. mud4fun

      Trayback will be good.

      I think the raised roof on the Disco causes a problem with bob tailing as you can’t get a nice balanced/proportioned look (ie. one that doesn’t look like it has been squashed/rear ended) unless the roof is lowered. I’ve seen a few nice ones but I’m thinking they may have fitted RR classic roofs or have been expert panel beaters 🙂

      I look forward to progress pics.


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