Car 2 – Tub Started – Updated

Well today we finally started work on the tub for car 2, we first thought the sheets would be 10 x 5 but we ended up with 8 x 4 so got 4 sheets. one would make the rear wings and rear tub sections.

So, Step 1, nice clean sheet of metal :


Step 2 : a trip to the plasma cutter, we have the 2 parts for the rear wings :

DSC_2219 (Small) DSC_2222 (Small)

Step 3 : cut in some details for the shape

DSC_2223 (Small)

Step 4 : Put an initial bend in from where to start the radius

DSC_2224 (Small)

Step 5 : Put into jig to form radius and bend

DSC_2226 (Small) DSC_2230 (Small)

Step 6 : Add additional details such as the top bend and the semi circle for the window section mounts.

DSC_2231 (Small)

Step 7 : Using a wooden template of the wheel arch mark out the returns needed and cut, then clamp 2 bits of wood either side of the sheet to form the arch and returns. Bash with hammer till they follow the shape.

DSC_2236 (Small)

Step 8 : Remove the wood and then check with eyebrow and against existing tub

DSC_2240 (Small) DSC_2243 (Small)

Time taken to create 2 wings, 5 hrs 30, this included setting up of all equipment, taking measurements, making them and packing away afterwards. All in all not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Updated – Tuesday 16/07/2013

As part of the same sheet we planned to make the 2 rear quarter panels for the lower tub section. In lunch time Monday this is what was achieved:

Section of sheet cut down to size, marked and the radius cut out:


Then all bent up and offered up to the rear wing.



7 thoughts on “Car 2 – Tub Started – Updated

  1. mud4fun

    Wow, what an amazing bit or work. You make it sound so easy. The new skin looks fantastic.

    You should start selling them! I couldn’t get hold of any when I was refurbishing my tub so still have the old dented panels on it. I’d have loved to have new skins but I don’t have either the skills or the tools, certainly not to produce the curve.

  2. mud4fun

    Did you manage to find my first comment in your spam folder? I sent you an email, Akismets latest updates has sent lots of peoples genuine comments into spam.

  3. landyrebuilds Post author

    Darn the spam system, hadn’t noticed as not been on over the weekend, busy couple of days.

    The process for making them was easy really, all the prep work that we did in the weeks before making them paid off. The making of the jig was the hardest bit, ensuring that the bend was the right shape. Apart from that figuring out the order was the hardest bit.

    We are really chuffed with how they turned out also, they are slightly thicker than originals (0.3mm) but also a harder grade of metal too, should last a bit longer.

    Its a possible consideration as from a £65 bit of metal in 90 mins we can produce one there could be a market but think that would be more for the business where we produced them rather than us.

    We priced up a re manufactured tub and that was coming in at £2,200, they are a pretty expensive investment.

    1. mud4fun

      Yep,it is rare to need a whole new tub though. Even my Series 2’s 1960 tub is only really badly corroded on the chassis mounting areas front and back and badly dented in the wings skins. The floor supports were easily and cheapy replaced so really the market is for individual skins as most of us can rivet new skins on. When I looked at skins they were approx £200 each for quality or £80 for cheap but nobody stocked them as they were special order with a long lead time so in the end, as my truck was to be used off road, I just knocked most of the dents out of the wings and will live with the less than perfect finish. I guess if you were doing those wings for re-sale and they took you 5 hours of labour than you’d also be charging £200’ish too!

      1. landyrebuilds Post author

        Well if it was a demand business you could probably spend the money getting a press made rather than a jig amd could probably cut manufacture down to an hour, so £150 inc materials.

        The reason behind our making a tub is that the wings are damaged, the floor mounts have all fallen out, seat boxes aren’t in great condition and we also want a custom bulkhead behind the seats, it will move about 3 inches so give us that bit more room.

        Tonight we marked out the bulkhead sheet so my dad might have that bent to shape tomorrow.

  4. mud4fun

    It made my wife and I smile when we realised that your 90 may actually be older than my wifes 109″ which was built in late 84 and registered in 85.

    If you have the skills and facilities then it makes sense to do a new tub. At least that is one area that you won’t have to revisist again.

    I would also like to move the bulkhead back a few inches on the 88″, I’m now used to the 109″ which has that few extra inches already as the bulkhead sits further back than in an 88″ and it is amazing how moving the seat back by just a couple of inches (and rasing it by an inch) makes such a difference to the driving position.

  5. landyrebuilds Post author

    Not sure when mine was built but it was first registered November 84.

    Hopefully with moving it back that bit more it should be comfier, although my legs are only short so i can drive with the normal bulkhead.


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