Car 2 : Parts Shopping List

Well have been busy creating the list for parts I will need for the rebuild, so far the list is :

Quantity Part Code Part Name
2 RTC3458G UJ’s
2 PRC7044 Side Repeaters
1 NRC8690 Brake Master Cylinder
2 ANR4188PY Bump Stop
2 ANR4189PY Bump Stop
1 TF600 Brake Hoses
4 ANR1808 Engine & Box Mounts
1 DA1129 A Frame & Casting
1 DC7009 Bush Kit
2 LR017953 Rear Discs
2 LR017952 Front Discs
1 SFP500190 Rear Pads
1 SFP500160 Front Pads
8 STC4382G Genuine Hub Bearings
4 FTC4785 Hub Seal
4 FRC8222 Hub Oil Seal Outer
4 FRC8002 Lock Washer
4 571752 Drive Flange Gasket
1 TF504 Shock Turrets
1 TF502 Securing Rings
1 TF505 Clamp
1 TF506 Clamp
1 TF201 Suspension Kit
1 MXC5488 RH Seat Belt
1 MXC5489 LH Seat Belt
1 DA1077 Lamp Kit
1 PRC7254 Fog Light
1 PRC7263 Reverse Light
1 DA1132 Bolt Kit
1 BHB710070 Safari Top door Hinge
2 BHB710100 Rear door bottom hinge
1 BDB710200 Door Hinge RH Drilled
1 BDB710210 Door Hinge LH Drilled
1 BDB710220 Door Hinge RH
1 BDB710230 Door Hinge LH

All being well this will all get ordered soon and the rebuild should flow nicely.












1 thought on “Car 2 : Parts Shopping List

  1. landyrebuilds Post author

    Spooky timing, just got an email from the company I have ordered with saying they are in and ready to collect, Wallet get ready for the big dent that is coming your way.


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