Car 2 : Final Tub Assembly

Well we are in the workshop today putting the tub together.

Here are some of the pictures of our progress.












Last update on today, after putting the wings together we have also done the bulkhead




So job for tomorrow is to fix the wings to the bulkhead and hopefully have it mostly done ready to paint.

Assembled wings and seat boxes pinned to the bulkhead ready to put together for the final time.





Near side door slam fixed in


Bulkhead is now attached to the wings on both sides



Seat boxes now riveted to the bulkhead





Tub is now mostly complete, all main sections are riveted on, capping parts have been test fitted, after adjusting for the moved bulkhead we should be good.



10 thoughts on “Car 2 : Final Tub Assembly

  1. mud4fun

    I’ve run out of adjectives to describe how awesome a job you’ve done.

    It looks great. I like the fact you’ve moved the bulkhead back to give loads more space to adjust the seats and yet it looks like a factory tub, very neat. I’ll bet you’ve had enough of rivetting for one week though šŸ˜‰

    1. landyrebuilds Post author

      The hardest bit is most are solid rivets, to maintain the shape of the dome we needed to have a sacrificial surface thankfully we had access to some scrap plastics to use.

      When it comes time to fit the cappings there will be more pop rivets so much easier.

      The next big job is trying to sleep tonight with chassis delivery due tomorrow!

      1. mud4fun

        Yep, my wife remembers the night before my chassis was due to arrive, a sleepless night from excitement and anticipation and then it didn’t come……somebody at Richards was injured in an accident so the delivery was delayed and we ended up taking delivery at 5am one morning the following week. I don’t think the neighbours were too impressed with the noise of their winch lifting the chassis off at that time of the morning. šŸ™‚

        You surely aren’t going to be off roading this 90 when completed are you? after all that work to produce such a gorgeous straight tub it would be a shame to dent it, hell it is a shame you have to paint it, it looks so good in its bare form.

        I like all your new parts. It will be a lovely vehicle when completed. I can’t wait to see it done now although I think it will take a wee while longer than you originally planned for!

      2. landyrebuilds Post author

        Well all being well they will arrive at a decent time, as its being delivered to the workshop where we built the tub, there is use of a crane to lift also so should help.

        Of course I will off road it, would be a shame having the car and not, so far the only damage I have ever done off road has been simple to fix. Dinged a rear corner as I dropped down a water fall. Ripped a brake pipe off a calliper. And got water in to my first 200tdi, it lasted 12 months before snapping a con rod.

        Some have suggested just clear coat the body but in the end think it would be better to have it painted. If we do dent or bend anything, we have the tools and experience to fix or replace it all anyway.

        I am still hopeful that if I commit the time there should be enough hands and tools to get it done in quick order. I hope at least. Plan for tomorrow evening is to get the axles off the old chassis and get parts ready to be shot blasted then can paint them up before refit

      3. mud4fun

        LOL, my original aim for my Series 2 was an off roader. I used to do lots of green laning, RTV trials and marshalling at Safaris years ago with the All Wheel Drive Club in my old 88″ and really wanted to do that again but after spending three years refurbishing it I’m reluctant to use it off road now. May just buy a cheap knackered Series for the off roading.

        Having the skills you have and the workshop etc makes life so much easier though. My build would have been completed a year ago had I not been at the mercy of the weather as I’m working mostly in the garden.

        Next big project, before any more vehicles, will be to build a huge workshop with concrete floor, insulation and heating šŸ™‚

      4. landyrebuilds Post author

        Now that sounds like the ideal workshop, heating would be a dream, where we are building the car heat just comes from moving. But yeah there is good space out of the wind and rain. Will just have to move the chassis from car 1 out of the way as that’s currently gathering a bit of dust due to a bush issue.

        Turns out the set we had delivered was wrong, the measurement between the 2 lips should be 68mm but they are coming out as 60 or 62 so we are getting a new single bush to check against.

        I have only really ever had the car too off road, it’s handy that I have another car as my daily drive so if I do anything too bad i don’t have to worry just park up till I can afford to fix it.

  2. mud4fun

    Yes, that is the problem with my Series 2, it is being built to replace my daily driver jap pickup so I can’t afford to have it broken. We have my wifes 109″ in an emergency I guess but not really suitable for 250 mile round trip commutes to work as it is slow and noisy. My Series 2 will be quick (200TDi) and quiet (lots of soundproofing).

    I should have built the decent workshop first really. This current build has taught me that having a heated, well lit and concrete floored space massively increases the time (and pleasure) available to work on the vehicles.

    1. landyrebuilds Post author

      Very true, for now I will cope in the slightly dusty car port of my friends garage for taking things to bits, and then will see about moving in side for the build up, at least it has a roof.

      Mine is. Nice friendly ford focus, so has no trouble on my short trip to work, and when complete the 90 will do the odd day too.


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