Car 2 : Removing More Parts

Now the new chassis and parts have arrived we are starting to reduce the parts on the old chassis so we can clean them up, repair where needed and prep for painting.

So this evening. We set out removal of the body work, so bonnet, windscreen and off side wing have all been unbolted. Amazed that so far we have only used spammers sockets and screw drivers.

On removing the windscreen the damage to the bulkhead was exposed fully, the rust has gone along the top also, so tomorrow a discussion over we will just plate it up or purchase the repair parts and weld them in. Maybe further investigation to see where the bad metal stops.




Plan for tomorrow evening should be other wing and seat box. If we have time axles also.

Update from Tuesday Night

Well other wing and seat box came off last night.  we also removed tree sliders and one of the inner sills.  So next up should be axles off soon then should only have engine & boxes, bulkhead and fuel tank still attached.  get them off and the chassis can be moved out the way ready to be cut up and scrapped.

Unfortunately no pictures as my phone died just as i tried to take one.


2 thoughts on “Car 2 : Removing More Parts

  1. landyrebuilds Post author

    Yeah not the nicest bit of metal I have ever seen, but then again not the worst. We are going to have a good look and poke about with it tonight and make a decision over which repair route to take.

    Also about to start shopping list number 2 which will include things like the rubber seals.


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