Car 2 : Tub test fit

Well would be wrong not to try it.









8 thoughts on “Car 2 : Tub test fit

  1. mud4fun

    Looking good. Always deceptive the pictures of a bare 90 chassis as it makes it look like it is longer than it actually is, when mine arrived it looked like a LWB chassis when laying in the ground. It is only once the bodywork goes on that it shrinks back down to seeming quite short.

    I can’t wait to see this truck built now.

    1. landyrebuilds Post author

      Well we ended up doing a little bit more, we have positioned the floor supports, drilled the front mounts and offered them up. Overall we are 5mm too long on the distance from back to bulkhead but we are confident we can get away with it.

      Will up load a couple more pictures later.

      Tomorrow we will be t washing the chassis ready for priming on friday night and painting over the weekend

      1. mud4fun

        My factory built tub was 6mm too long (from rear crossmember to front body mounts) and when fitted to the chassis there was a big gap between the Richards chassis front tub mounting tabs and the tub mounting points. I used 6mm thick packing pieces to bridge the gap as I wasn’t about to cut off the tabs on a new galv chassis and re-position them.

      2. landyrebuilds Post author

        Well we have gone from the back mounts set the tub against that, the gaps are behind the brackets on the tubular outriggers. So easy to pad out

      3. mud4fun

        I’m pretty sure that I had the same problem on my old 90, it may not be your measurements or construction at fault but an inherent issue with Land Rover chassis and tub construction. My 90 was on a brand new Arrow services galv chassis (back in the mid 90’s) and a brand new genuine tub – in the days when new tubs were only a couple of hundred quid!

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