Car 2 : One busy day

Well, after a full days work, it was time to move on to the Land Rover.

Session 1 – take the new chassis and ready it for painting over the weekend.

So we made some space and stood the chassis on edge using the crane



Next applied t wash to etch the galv ready for prime tomorrow.




We also made up brackets that the seat belts mount to and also a tub capping for across the bulkhead. Will look to get pictures of these next time.

Session 2 : after a short food break swapped locations to where the old car currently is and where the build will happen.

Working to the aim of stripping the last of the old chassis down we set sights on finally getting the engine and boxes out.

After a bit of messing round and trying things it eventually worked so just after 11pm it was on a pallet ready to be cleaned up.




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