Car 2 : Chassis painting

Well today we primed the chassis before painting over the weekend.




First of he black top coats done





2 thoughts on “Car 2 : Chassis painting

  1. mud4fun

    It looks great 🙂

    I’m very envious of the overhead crane too, what is the workshop used for normally when not building Land Rovers?

    PS. You need to put ‘Land Rover’ in as a tag as the last couple of posts aren’t visible in the reader under that topic.

  2. landyrebuilds Post author

    Yeah we are chuffed with how it looks, well slightly less when we turned it over and noticed it was a bit thin in places, but sprayed again and we can always touch up with a brush after.

    The crane has been a massive help working on my car for years, when we did an engine change was very useful. The workshop is used for metal fabrication, my dad works for the company and they are very kindly letting us use the shop evenings and weekends.

    We did a bit of a swap last night, the chassis is now at the garage where we will be building it and the bulkhead is now in the workshop so we can repair it.

    I shall add the tags in now


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