Car 2 : Bits back from blasting

Well 10 am today got a call that parts were ready to be collected from shot blasting. After 24 hours I was impressed, and at £50 I think good value. So many thanks to impact engineering wallasey would certainly use them again.

So picked them up and then primed and painted. Here are a couple of pictures.










2 thoughts on “Car 2 : Bits back from blasting

  1. mud4fun

    I like the blue, same colour as I painted my wifes 109″ axles and steering rods. 🙂

    Looking at the multi coloured splattered cardboard under those parts, it could be sold as modern art! I’ve seen worse hanging in the Tate Gallery in London!

  2. landyrebuilds Post author

    i might have to print the pictures and sell them as the modern art, looked in the spray booth this evening and they have been painted over already.

    I like the blue too, have done all the suspension hardware in them, the shocks are terafirma all silver, so will go nicely with the bodywork being blue also.


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