Car 2 : Bulkhead repaired and primed

Well after a hard week working away at the bulkhead we have finally repaired the bulkhead.

The repairs we carried out were, top corners replaced on both sides, we chose to make these ourselves as YRM parts didn’t appear to cover all the bits we needed, namely the inside sections which were really rusty and had big holes.

But we did purchase the following bits for both near and off sides.  Extended footwell panels, Pillars and Feet.  We decided that to get the 3 YRM parts aligned correctly we offered them to each other and held together with drill screws.  We then marked up where the new panels would sit and then one at a time cut the old ones out and fitted the new ones.

So with that done and a quick trip to LIverpool Car Paints we picked up all the bits we think we will need to paint the whole car.  But today’s aim was to get the bulkhead primed so we can top coat tomorrow morning and then take to the build location before dad goes on holiday on Monday.


So out with a new spray gun and here is what it looks like.


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