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Car 2 : Parts Shopping List

Well have been busy creating the list for parts I will need for the rebuild, so far the list is :

Quantity Part Code Part Name
2 RTC3458G UJ’s
2 PRC7044 Side Repeaters
1 NRC8690 Brake Master Cylinder
2 ANR4188PY Bump Stop
2 ANR4189PY Bump Stop
1 TF600 Brake Hoses
4 ANR1808 Engine & Box Mounts
1 DA1129 A Frame & Casting
1 DC7009 Bush Kit
2 LR017953 Rear Discs
2 LR017952 Front Discs
1 SFP500190 Rear Pads
1 SFP500160 Front Pads
8 STC4382G Genuine Hub Bearings
4 FTC4785 Hub Seal
4 FRC8222 Hub Oil Seal Outer
4 FRC8002 Lock Washer
4 571752 Drive Flange Gasket
1 TF504 Shock Turrets
1 TF502 Securing Rings
1 TF505 Clamp
1 TF506 Clamp
1 TF201 Suspension Kit
1 MXC5488 RH Seat Belt
1 MXC5489 LH Seat Belt
1 DA1077 Lamp Kit
1 PRC7254 Fog Light
1 PRC7263 Reverse Light
1 DA1132 Bolt Kit
1 BHB710070 Safari Top door Hinge
2 BHB710100 Rear door bottom hinge
1 BDB710200 Door Hinge RH Drilled
1 BDB710210 Door Hinge LH Drilled
1 BDB710220 Door Hinge RH
1 BDB710230 Door Hinge LH

All being well this will all get ordered soon and the rebuild should flow nicely.












Car 2 : More Tub Progress – Updated

Well here are some pictures of the progress we have made with the tub over the last 2 weeks, due to a little miscalculation we have had to go over and modify some of the parts we had already done, but think we are pretty good now. 20130806-092417.jpg Our new fuel filler section that will be mounted in to the wing, We are going to keep standard side tank, instead of changing to a TD5 style one mainly due to the costs. 20130806-092425.jpg 20130806-092429.jpg Some detail shots of the riveting done on the seat boxes. 20130806-092434.jpg 20130806-092439.jpg


Seat box in position in the tub and the strengtheners welded in to the bottom of them. We have made up the sections where the front door slams mount but we haven’t fitted them just yet as we also need to do a couple of strengthening pieces for them.  There is a fair bit of detail in a tub you don’t see normally, can see why a new one would cost £2,200 now.

Update 08/08/2013

So last night we committed to the positions of the seat boxes with the rest of the car, the sides had temporary pop rivets in them to free up the assembly pins holding them in.  We marked the front bulkhead with where they meet up and drilled through and also drilled the rear 1/4 panels for the rivet holes.

20130808-081959.jpg 20130808-081951.jpg 20130808-082024.jpg 20130808-082028.jpg

We also positioned and drilled the wings to hold the front door slam panel in place to they were offered up and we even tried the door seal on them.

20130808-082019.jpg 20130808-082014.jpg 20130808-081951.jpg 20130808-081959.jpg