Car 2 : Engine and Boxes refitted

Well after a bit of a quiet time following the sore arm and returning back to work this weekend has seen a bit more progress carried out.

After bolting in the gearbox mounts it was time to get the motor back in place.

bit of a jig with the crane and pulling and it sat down nicely and is bolted in. next up start to plumb things back in like fuel and wiring.




4 thoughts on “Car 2 : Engine and Boxes refitted

  1. mud4fun

    You’ve been quiet for a while. I hope everything is OK there.

    Sorry I missed this post, must have come in during a busy period on my reader. It must be nice to have the engine and box in as you feel like it is all downhill to the end now 🙂

      1. mud4fun

        Yes, I’ve had a slow few weeks with family commitments taking up several weekends so progress on my own truck has been virtually non existent.

      2. landyrebuilds Post author

        Same here really, the engine was fitted while dad was on holiday, then i went away to singapore and this weekend has been taken up with jobs at home. Have more plans for next week but now my body is on uk time again hope to get fuel tank and pipes in place then mount the bulkhead and rebuild that.

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