Car 2 : bulkhead fitted

Well the bulkhead has been bolted in to place and starting to put it all back together.







While in the flow bolted the steering column back in and the new hinges. Tonight should also be refitting the pedals, it’s starting to look like a land rover!


5 thoughts on “Car 2 : bulkhead fitted

  1. mud4fun

    I see you have the later style of throttle cable, do you think that type of pedal mechanism and cable would fit onto a Series easily enough? I’m thinking it may be the best option to use with the 200Tdi as the cable looks stronger than fudging the Series throttle linkage to work with the 200TDi FIP.

  2. landyrebuilds Post author

    I think the cable pedal came with the car as standard, from what i can tell it should fit in to a series bulkhead no issues, just drilling the 7 holes and plugging the one for the series throttle.

    1. mud4fun

      Ah, yes sorry, I meant later as in the system that replaced the throttle linkage assembly on the bulkhead, would have been standard on yours. I’ll have to dig out the part numbers as that would be a nice neat way of sortng the throttle cable out on mine. Thanks.


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