Car 4 : More tidying and planning

As car 4 is currently road worthy jobs at the moment are small,

There were some issues with the wiring in the dash that meant some things didn’t work or needed something else on to work.  For example the heater blower would only work if the side lights were on, so things like this have been resolved and generally neatened up.

A small adaptation to the bull bar has allowed for the fitting of 2 Hella lamps that should help with driving during the winter.

A spare wheel has been mounted to the pickup bed and a coat of paint applied to the rear cross member and floor of the pick up.

Plans for the next couple of weeks include a repaint which will be done with a brush rather than a spray for now.










2 thoughts on “Car 4 : More tidying and planning

  1. mud4fun

    How on earth was the heater wired to the side light circuit??!!! 🙂

    Have you considered using a roller for the painting? I did our 109″ using a little varnish roller from Homebase and was quite pleased with results. After a quick rub down, I edged in around the panels with a brush and filled in with a small roller. Only took an hour to do the whole truck and finish is not bad at all, better than brush. Obviously can’t match a spray job but for a quick tart up it works well. I warmed the paint up slightly to make it flow better with the roller.

  2. landyrebuilds Post author

    We aren’t sure how they managed it but originally we assumed the heater blower was faulty and that was on a list to look at, but the lights came first, just happened to flick the switch for the heater with lights on and it started blowing.

    I think the power to the blower switch was taken out of the side lights.

    I shall pass on your comments to the lad who owns the car, he has painted a few of his so knows a lot of tricks. The rub down started last night, I should be able to upload some pictures later on today.


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