Car 4 Update

Well seen as we haven’t posted anything for a while we thought we should show our progress to the cars….

Car 4 has had the painting completed and is looking good, all the tub has been painted inside and part of the cab inside has been tarted up as well thanks to good ole checker plate. Next on the agenda for this car is rubber flooring in the cab and sort out a diff issue on the rear which will be solved by using a replacement diff from the original axles of car 1


1 thought on “Car 4 Update

  1. mud4fun

    Nice work, need a pic of the two tone blue out in the daylight to get a better feel for it but it looks good from what I can see in those pics 🙂

    Good luck with finding all the parts, I lost quite a few small items in the time between stripping and rebuilding, in the end I bought new ones as I gave up trying to find where I’d put the old parts!


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