Car 1 : Paint Starting

Car 1 is slowly moving forward!! We recently posted that we were aiming for the car to be running by the 20th november, however due to holidays and the lack of a bank balance, this plan backfired. But we have been doing work on the bulkhead, 30 spot welds later the old feet eventually came out and the new feet have been welded in, so jobs for this car now are to prime and paint the bulkhead and mount it onto the chassis, we also have the dreaded task of searching for all the bits again now!!!

Bulkhead has had its first coat of primer today, the new green will be added tomorrow….. I have took a photo of the can… Very exciting!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Car 1 : Paint Starting

  1. mud4fun

    Wow, I thought the green I used on mine was was bright, yours makes mine look subdued! 😉

    I love the mix of colours with the axles, bulkhead and springs etc, very cheerful 🙂

  2. landyrebuilds Post author

    Yeah it looks bright in the pictures but actually doesn’t look too bad in person. The shade is Kawasaki green, there is debate at the moment in terms of colour of the underneath, it may go black or green springs with red axles, choices are yet to be made.


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