Car 2 : Seat Box Test Fit

Well at the moment we have the fuel tank off being painted and the sills also off to allow templates for drilling.

While these bits were out the way we dropped the seat box in to place and see how it lined up with the tub. The good news is most of the holes that exist in the tub are good, but 2 don’t yet exist and another 2 are out of alignment by about 1/2 inch. So these will be drilled back through as the seat box is original.



We have also been working on rebuilding the doors so far we have cut out and rebuilt the lower half of the near side door




3 thoughts on “Car 2 : Seat Box Test Fit

  1. mud4fun

    You are making good progress.

    I found the worst holes to get lined up on the seatbox were the ones over the sills but that was because I’d rebuilt the seat box with mostly new panels and had got them ever so slightly out of square when riveting together, it is amazing how a degree out of square can add up to a 1/4″ out on the holes lining up.

    Where did you get the door frame material from? I’m going to need to sort my wifes 109″ next year as the door frames have serious rot near the hinge mounts. I was considering buying new door bottoms as they aren’t that expensive but not sure how much cheaper it would be to fit replacement frames.

    1. landyrebuilds Post author

      Well so far it’s my fault holes are out of line, I was responsible for marking and drilling the holes in the tub.

      Hopefully over the next week sills will be bolted in place and can see how out of line those holes are. They shouldn’t be too bad as we haven’t changed that part of the seat box.

      The door repair sections we have made up ourselves. 2 bits of galvanised steel tacked together. The joys of dad being a sheet metal worker. Decided it was easier than buying yrm parts


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