Car 2 : It Lives

Well after getting so close to starting the car last weekend this week we decided to look at it again.  After a bit of diagnostics with the multi meter when turning the key, we then decided to look what the brown / orange wire we had on the ignition was doing, after following it down it was found in the fuse board.

We removed the wire and then the start relay started clicking.  So with fuel stop solenoid disconnected we turned the key and the engine turned.  After this we checked all things needed for the engine to run were in place and connected the stop solenoid.

Below is a little video of the next moments.

As the cooling system has no water in we only ran for a couple of seconds, but was a really good night.

For the weekend ahead the plan is to prep and paint the roof in Ivory White as per original colour scheme.  Between coats of paint we will also be working on the doors, re skinning the near side door and stripping down and repairing the off side and rear doors.  If we get a chance we will also run the car for a couple of minutes to allow us to change the oil.

All being well Sunday night the roof will be sat on the car and it will really look like a land rover again.


2 thoughts on “Car 2 : It Lives

  1. mud4fun


    The smile on your face after it starts says it all 🙂

    It must be in good condition that engine as it sounds relatively quiet and there was hardly any smoke!

  2. landyrebuilds Post author

    Haha well the one who turns the key is actually the owner of the series 3, i was holding the camera. but i think my smile was even bigger than his!

    Yeah the engine had good recon a couple of years ago. We replaced everything but the rings and shells. I should do a post as we have a fair few pictures of us doing the work on it. When we revved it there was a bit of smoke but sounds nice ticking over.


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