Car 2 : Half Term Progress


Well after a few quiet weeks busy with work and other jobs I had a week off so decided to make plenty of progress with the car.

This week we have re fitted the glass in the back of the car, bolted the body work down, wings bolted in place, checker plate riveted back to the wings.







In the process of putting the off side rear wing in place we noticed a small drip of power steering fluid, so we tightened the pipe a bit more and a couple of minutes later the fluid was pouring out.

After a small amount of investigation we noticed a split in the metal hose, so a trip to the parts supplier resulted in the purchase of NTC8861 which is a hose from a 4 bolt power steering box instead of the 3 i have fitted.  Initially the new hose wouldn’t fit but after a small adaptation with a grinder the pipe fitted and refilled with no issues.

The photo below shows the new pipe fitted.


After putting time in over the week we feel we have made some big progress and hopefully carry on with the refitting of the doors and bonnet so will look even better then.

Sunday progress

Well we rebuilt and returned the doors to the car today and it really looks like its getting there.




We also fitted the bonnet back on


Next up we are going to loosen everything up a bit and correct alignment, the tub is slightly wonky so the doors look out of line so we will correct this and hopefully realign right


4 thoughts on “Car 2 : Half Term Progress

    1. mud4fun

      I think I’m going to miss my April target. I’ll hopefully have the braking system installed next weekend then it is a case of dropping engine and gearbox in and fitting the wiring but I’ve run out of cash now so will need a month or two to save up for wiring and dash instrumentation 😦

      BTW Don’t take this the wrong way but are you going to do something with those rusty wheels? The rest of the truck looks so good it could do with some freshly painted wheels to suit? 🙂

  1. landyrebuilds Post author

    Don’t worry I wouldn’t take it the wrong way, I do have plans for the wheels also. I have another set of the same wheels which i plan to remove the tyres on them, paint the same colour as the roof, and then fit a road based tyre rather than the mud terrains that are currently fitted. Then keep the muds for when we off road. Should make day to day driving a bit more economical and comfortable.

    My deadline has moved many a time, but now the end seems so close i would love to push myself for the April MOT as there isn’t much left to buy to get to a test, then can do more afterwards, things like re trimming my seats.


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