Car 2 : 6 Weeks on

Well car 2 has been on the road for 6 weeks now, with no major mechanical issues to report there are just some minor things we are wanting to look at.

Air Filter

We have recently taken out the air filter housing finished making little changes to the feed pipe and painted.  we went with a spray version of ht Gentian blue the car is painted in and we are happy with the finish.


The car is currently without a thermostat, with it fitted the temp gauge goes very high and was causing concern to us.  The thermostat was taken out and tested on the cooker and opened fine, so we think we need to refit and find out how to bleed the 200TDI cooling system.


We have some concerns over the steering, we are getting a bit of movement while driving along and your never sure about how much steering to put in when going round corners.

We have spoken to the company that provided the suspension kit and discussed the issues, and the outcome was, the movement while driving might be a side effect of the 50mm lift on the coil springs, making the panhard rod be changing the alignment of the front and rear axles so the car is essentially crabbing along the road.

The vague steering might be caused by the castor of the front axles being out with the lift.

So we are currently looking at the solutions,

Option 1 : fit castor correction arms and adjustable pan hard rod – approx cost £420 allows to keep the new TF201 kit intact

Option 2 : fit standard height springs that should solve the castor and pan hard rod issues – approx cost £80 means working to change the springs all round.

Will update the blog when choices are made.



1 thought on “Car 2 : 6 Weeks on

  1. mud4fun

    I had this problem on a 90 many years ago and at the time I managed to find some castor correction polybushes that helped (hole not in centre of bush so allowed you to rotate the bushes until you got the correct angle) – alot cheaper than new arms. Might be worth investigating if they are still available.

    The 2.25d often suffers from an air lock in the cooling system after a rebuild. I generally ‘pump’ the lower rad hose while engine is not running and you can often hear the gurgling as the air is moved around. Then make sure the heater valve is open to allow water through the matrix when running. This normally clears the air lock. I would guess the 200Tdi may suffer from same issue as it is essentially a similar design but if you’ve been driving it for any length of time it would be odd to have an air lock as engine would have been noticably hot.


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