Car 1 : Update on rebuild

Well here is a long awaited update on the progress of car 1.

In the last update the tub had been painted and the cappings put on, wiring loom threaded in to chassis, brakes completed, steering.

Since this the seatbox has been painted green, bits on it have been detailed in black such as the latches for the seat tops.  The rear body work sections have also been painted green and bolted on to the black roof.  This is now sat on the tub in place ready to be bolted down when we are ready.


Plans for this week include getting the inner sills bolted back in place, the seatbox bolted in and the rubbing down and painting of the wings and bonnet.  they will all be fitted once we have the engine wired up and running correctly.


We have actually started the engine in the last couple of weeks but it just revved so after a bit of diagnosis we think there is an issue with the webber carb that is fitted, it will be replaced in the next 2 weeks with a zenith copy so we shouldn’t have any more issues there.




3 thoughts on “Car 1 : Update on rebuild

  1. mud4fun

    Good progress, it could do with a set of shiny black modulars and big tyres to set it off. 🙂

    I really think you need to name all these Land Rovers as I’m losing track of which car is which when referred to as car 1, car 4 etc. 😉

  2. landyrebuilds Post author

    The plan is to fit some nice black wheels towards the end of the build, the hubs will possibly be painted green.

    The name idea has been discussed, and due to a conversation on facebook with some other people we were thinking along the lines of Thomas the tank engine names. Car 2 being Thomas, Car 1 being Duck, and car 4 gordon or edward. what do you think?

    1. mud4fun

      It will look great with black wheels as it will tie in with the black roof. I like the naming convention, it will make working out which car is which a damn sight easier. 🙂


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