Jordans Series 2a (Duck)

Well a long due update of this build, its been many months of being sat in the corner gathering dust so jordy booked himself a week off work and set to work to try and get the green machine a few steps closer to being finished…..

So we have this week:

Changed the crank oil seal for the 2nd time

Fitted seatbelts

Prepped and painted wings and bonnet

Fitted wings and bonnet

Jordy was given a catflap which was a bonus find as weve been looking for months and found that theyre hard to come by

Prepped and painted tailgate and catflap,

Also were making some more progress with the custom dash…

Next up is to paint all the hinges and bracketry for the bonnet and doors so then the colour sceme will tie in…

Then we will fit the tailgate. 

Finish the dash

Fit the seats and doors and a few other bits and pieces and then we will be nearly there
Keep checking for more updates over the next few weeks for more progress


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