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Car 4 : More tidying and planning

As car 4 is currently road worthy jobs at the moment are small,

There were some issues with the wiring in the dash that meant some things didn’t work or needed something else on to work.  For example the heater blower would only work if the side lights were on, so things like this have been resolved and generally neatened up.

A small adaptation to the bull bar has allowed for the fitting of 2 Hella lamps that should help with driving during the winter.

A spare wheel has been mounted to the pickup bed and a coat of paint applied to the rear cross member and floor of the pick up.

Plans for the next couple of weeks include a repaint which will be done with a brush rather than a spray for now.










Making Progress

Well carrying on with the progress of work again now, we did some work on 2 of the cars today.

Car 2 : Today we mounted the fuel tank and plumbed it all back in and also took the inlet and exhaust manifolds off the 200tdi so that we could route the dip stick pipe correctly after we rebuilt it a couple of years ago. not an essential task but one we have wanted to do. so while we were at it replaced the gasket with one we purchased a couple of years ago.

Car 4 : We tidied up the cabin a little bit, the previous owner had the glow plugs controlled by a switch on a metal plate in the dash, this was relocated into the dash, similar with the ignition barrel, this had previously dangled by the column so it was relocated in to the dash.

The plan is to do a bit more work tomorrow so will do more updates and get pictures of the work done then.