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Car 4 : Update on rebuild

Well this is a quick update on progress of car 4’s rebuild, there has been so much done to be documented fully.

Front axles rebuilt fully

Chassis rubbed down, repaired & painted

Front & Rear springs replaced with parabolic springs & new shocks fitted

Bulkhead – stripped, repaired, primed, painted, rebuilt & refitted

Front Grill panel – stripped, repaired, primed, painted and refitted

Engine – refurbished, refitted and running.

New exhaust system fitted

Wings & bonnet have been rubbed down primed, painted and fitted

Hopefully we will get a more detailed update with photos soon.


Over the weekend we did enough work that the engine now fires up using the key and the car has had a short drive around the garden to give it a little test and move around under the car port.

Most of the front electricals have been sorted now.  Side, Dipped, Main and indicator lamps all work, along with the horn.  so left to wire is the washer pump and heater motor.  A rear chassis loom has also been made and will be plugged in tonight and tested for the rear lights.  The next big step is getting the panels all lined up before they get painted and any holes than need drilling can be put in.


Car 2 : Chassis Rolling

Well after a busy weekend and a hard couple of nights the chassis is now sitting on the axles and rolling on its own.

Having fitted all new poly bushes and BZP bolts, all that is left to do is tighten them to correct torque and mark that they are done.

The one word of warning anyone thinking about doing a rebuild is if the chassis is lifted on a jack make sure you can get your arms out if it slips.  I have learnt this after the rear spring seat landed on my arm.


Next up is hope the Richards Gearbox Cross Member is delivered soon so that I can paint and fit that before dropping in the engine and box.

Car 2 : One busy day

Well, after a full days work, it was time to move on to the Land Rover.

Session 1 – take the new chassis and ready it for painting over the weekend.

So we made some space and stood the chassis on edge using the crane



Next applied t wash to etch the galv ready for prime tomorrow.




We also made up brackets that the seat belts mount to and also a tub capping for across the bulkhead. Will look to get pictures of these next time.

Session 2 : after a short food break swapped locations to where the old car currently is and where the build will happen.

Working to the aim of stripping the last of the old chassis down we set sights on finally getting the engine and boxes out.

After a bit of messing round and trying things it eventually worked so just after 11pm it was on a pallet ready to be cleaned up.



Car 2 : Chassis Delivered

Well the chassis was dropped off just after 9am today. Its now being stored till later this week when we are looking to paint it then move it to the build location


This is my one on top, the others are a little jolly jaunt in to North Wales for the driver.



I contacted Richards regarding the chassis and stamping the number from the old chassis.

This is what they say :

The law states that you can replace the chassis with a “New” chassis and that if you fit the chassis you can stamp it.

You do not need to inform anyone that you have fitted a new chassis. Land Rover consider the chassis a spare part and they do list them in their spare parts books.