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Car 4 : Start of Rebuild

Well since the beginning of April the car ran out of tax so it was decided to undergo a restoration rebuild like the other cars we have been working on.

Over a couple of days the car was stripped down to a bare chassis, as the build had been planned for a couple of weeks some parts had been ordered so work could begin.

Strip down didnt take too long. The previos owner had a strange obsession with “denso tape” a horrible sticky material based tape. Every not and bolt and bracket was covered in it… initially this was thought to be a nightmare… but in practise, it made stripping down very easy as once removed, it had preserved the nuts and bolts very well… no rusty bolts!

Before strip down… the car was fully road worthy… driven into the garage on friday night.



First step was axle removal… very easy with a 9 inch grinder. All springs, bolts and shackle plates being replaced anyway.
Next step… bodywork.












Next stage was engine removal… with the assistance on the engine crane thus was an easy job. The owner of the series 2 however did find an interesting way to lower the engine down onto the pallet.


A good weekends work. By sunday night we had a bare chassis.



Car 2 : Moved

Well small update that’s not so important, we have moved the car to the place where it is going to be built up.


Now its there we will finish the strip down, remove the last bits of body work and axles.  The plan so far is, leave engine and boxes on the chassis.  take the axles off, rub down and paint.

Things like the radius arms and trailing arms I will get shot blasted and then paint them up.

The replacement chassis has been on order for 6 weeks now so in theory it should be here in the next 2 weeks.  Our optimistic deadline for completion is going to be End of August this year.

Progress from the last week

Well a little bit of a quiet week on the work front, here is a bit of an update:

Car 1 – Chassis is having its second coat of paint now, will be turning it over tomorrow and doing the bottom.

Thanks to the sale of the 2.5 Diesel that came with the chassis we have been able to buy the bush kit so that will be the aim for the next week.

Car 2 – We have removed the bulkhead to assess the wiring and also some rust repairs that will be required.

Rear tub cross members arrived from Paddocks, they have had their paint removed and are set to go to galvanising soon.

2 x 10 x 5 Sheets of 1.5mm ali have been ordered to remake the rear body work so we will be starting to cut them out in the next week and be ready to make up the tub and side sections hopefully before the chassis arrives.

Also ordered is a load wiring from Vehicle Wiring Products so there is a big job looming.

Car 3 – A sheet has been trimmed down that will cover part of the cab which is one of the first jobs to do, then decisions on the way to go.

Car 2 : Step 2 Body Removal

To carry on with getting ready for the new chassis and the replacement body work we are going to make we wanted the tub and rear sections removing so they could be measured up better and also see other bits that weren’t so clear while on the car.

So step 1 was remove the rear door, 6 bolts and it was off


Next on to the roof


We then finished removing the seat backs from the rear of the tub so did didn’t have them to worry about when removing the tub.  Then we removed the rear window sections too.



After that the biggest job was removing the tub, all the tub to seat box bolts came out ok,  the seat belts unbolted easy too.  The rear tub bolts didn’t want to budge so a grinder and cutting disk made light work to them, then tub just lifted off.

Last job of the day was to remove the doors, as these need work and to sore the car makes it easier.



^ This is the bottom of the near side door


Car 2 : Step 1 Parts Removal

Well a good way to spend fathers day was working with dad on stripping down the car to get ready for the rebuild.  Step 1 was empty out all the stuff we had stored in there and found a new home for it all.  Then we were going to remove anything that is not essential to the engine running.

IMG_0003 (Medium)

So it was time to remove all of the following :

  • Interior Light
  • Headlining inc rear view mirror & sun visors
  • CB Arial wire
  • Light Bar & Wiring
  • Snorkel
  • Cubby Box
  • CB Radio
  • Missile switches from the dash
  • Rear Seats
  • Seat belt mounts for the front
  • Rear head padding
  • All rear lights & tow bar wiring

IMG_0007 (Medium) IMG_0006 (Medium) IMG_0005 (Medium) IMG_0004 (Medium) IMG_0002 (Medium)

The plan at the moment is some time this week remove the roof, rear window section and rear tub.  We will then cover the cab section with a tarp till the chassis arrives and we move the car to the location of the rebuild.

While working round the car we gave all the tub mounts a good spray with penetrating fluid so hopefully they will all come off a bit easier when we try to do it.