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November Update

Well after being quiet for a while since we updated the site so here is where we are up to at the moment.  Pictures of the cars will follow soon.

Car 1 –

The last update showed the van sides and roof bolted in place.  Since then we have fixed the inner sills and seat box in place, offered up the floor panels for a fit.

We have also replaced the carb that was originally on the car as when it ran there was a terrible misfire, we now put this down to an assumption the rotor arm moved one direction where it actually went the other so the ignition was only right on 2 cylinders.

With the running sorted we have actually had a short drive around and the engine seems to run very nicely indeed.  Hopefully will add a video to show this soon.

The bonnet has now been rubbed down and ready to paint, with the wings to follow.

Car 2 –

Not much has happened for now with the car still gently running it in driving most days.  We ventured on a 2 hour drive out to Betws-Y-Coed to watch the Cambrian rally in the middle of October, on the way home the car cut out with a diesel leak, eventually we got it home.

On the Sunday after the cause turned out to be the Fuel lift pump, as we revved the engine a mist was seen coming out the bulkhead side.  This was replaced and has run fine since.

We also fitted a pair of Wipac 100w 8″ spot lamps on the front for helping with night time driving on the dark lanes in the area,

That was until today, where got in it this morning and it wouldn’t turn over. Not sure what the issue is at present but will be looking in to it.

Car 4 –

Well progress on this car has moved on a bit now.  Body panels have been repaired painted and refitted, the rear electrics have been fitted.  A set of standard lamps had been fitted but as the owner turned 21 our birthday present to him was a set of wipac LED lamps for front and back.  The issue this has now caused is the need to change from a 2 pin flasher relay to a 4 pin set up.

The hope is to have the car rebuilt and in for MOT by the end of November.




Car 4 : Light Improvements

This week after taking the car out at night on empty roads we realised how bad the lighting is for driving, so decided that wiring additional lights was a priority.

A light bar that had previously been fitted to car 2 was rubbed down and painted to match the colour scheme and bolted on the roof.

An afternoon of wiring later the lights were all wired up and working.  This should help when on empty roads at night.






Car 4 Update

Well seen as we haven’t posted anything for a while we thought we should show our progress to the cars….

Car 4 has had the painting completed and is looking good, all the tub has been painted inside and part of the cab inside has been tarted up as well thanks to good ole checker plate. Next on the agenda for this car is rubber flooring in the cab and sort out a diff issue on the rear which will be solved by using a replacement diff from the original axles of car 1

Car 4 : More tidying and planning

As car 4 is currently road worthy jobs at the moment are small,

There were some issues with the wiring in the dash that meant some things didn’t work or needed something else on to work.  For example the heater blower would only work if the side lights were on, so things like this have been resolved and generally neatened up.

A small adaptation to the bull bar has allowed for the fitting of 2 Hella lamps that should help with driving during the winter.

A spare wheel has been mounted to the pickup bed and a coat of paint applied to the rear cross member and floor of the pick up.

Plans for the next couple of weeks include a repaint which will be done with a brush rather than a spray for now.