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Car 2 : Door Repairs

Well after a couple of weeks work we have finished doing the metal repairs to the doors.

Where needed the doors have had the rusty frame cut out and replaced with home made sections.

The N/S door was in need of a lot of work we replaced almost half the frame.


The O/S door only required the bottom replacing


The Rear door was a little rusty plus also bent from a small collision a couple of years ago with a metal bollard.  The rear door also had its main skin replaced as it was in too bad a state and not too expensive to buy.


The front doors could do with new skins in time but the best price that we can find at the moment is £114 each, so it may be a plan in the future to make some ourselves.

Soon we will be prepping the doors for painting then can be taken to the car after being built up again.


Car 2 : Roof

When painting the car there was discussions over what colour to paint the roof, should we go white like the original scheme or should we body colour similar to the more modern cars.

To add a bit of contrast to all the blue we decided to paint it original white also known as Ivory White.  So a trip to Car Paint UK with the name and the LRC code and they mixed up 2 liters for us.   This was primed and sprayed over a weekend then put wrapped up as we weren’t finished just yet.

To add a unique look to the car we decided that the strengthening bars on the top could be painted the same blue as the body work.  So we masked up the bits in between and got busy with the brush.



After leaving to dry for the night we came back and weren’t 100% happy with the finish, so out with the wet and dry and then mixed up a small amount of blue to spray.


The spray was giving a much nicer finish so after a number of coats again left to dry over night.  When we came back to it the finish was much more uniform and smoother than the brush.

The next job was removing all the masking and see how it looked in the end.  We weren’t disappointed by how it looked.


There was a bit of running off the bars but as its the roof we weren’t that bothered, if we decide in the future to neaten it can be reverse masked and either sprayed white again or just touched in with a brush.

Then all that was left was to take the roof from the workshop to the build and store in the safest place possible.


With a couple of bolts holding it in place it now won’t fall off and shouldn’t get scratched up there.

Car 2 : It Lives

Well after getting so close to starting the car last weekend this week we decided to look at it again.  After a bit of diagnostics with the multi meter when turning the key, we then decided to look what the brown / orange wire we had on the ignition was doing, after following it down it was found in the fuse board.

We removed the wire and then the start relay started clicking.  So with fuel stop solenoid disconnected we turned the key and the engine turned.  After this we checked all things needed for the engine to run were in place and connected the stop solenoid.

Below is a little video of the next moments.

As the cooling system has no water in we only ran for a couple of seconds, but was a really good night.

For the weekend ahead the plan is to prep and paint the roof in Ivory White as per original colour scheme.  Between coats of paint we will also be working on the doors, re skinning the near side door and stripping down and repairing the off side and rear doors.  If we get a chance we will also run the car for a couple of minutes to allow us to change the oil.

All being well Sunday night the roof will be sat on the car and it will really look like a land rover again.

Car 2 : Sills & Seat Box & Battery

Well over the weekend we did a bit of work on the car, we removed the fuel tank yet again to allow access for the inner sills to be located.

Reference points for the bolt holes in the back of the sill bracket were taken, drilled in to the front of the tub panel, offered up to check the alignment and it was all good.  the same steps were repeated on the near side of the car and with the holes in a good position we then dropped the seat box in to place.

The seat box had holes in from the old car so when they were all lined up we bolted the box to the sill in the back and along the side of the car.  This then gave us position for the holes in the back on the box which we drilled out and bolted with M6 x 20 and Nylocs.

The seat box being located then allowed for the transmission tunnel cover to be screwed in and matting put in.  The other bonus was we could now fit the battery to the car and run some wire in.

I have previous purchased 2m of Red cable and 1m of Black for the battery, I went for a massively over rated cable capable of 415 Amps, shouldn’t have any issues with the cables melting all being well.

So with the battery connected it would have been wrong not to turn the key and see what happened.  The answer was nothing, when turning the key we got oil pressure light and charge warning light.  Nothing on cold start and when actually trying to crank the engine nothing happened.  So after a bit of a look around and trying of a few bits we decided enough was done for the weekend and can come back to the wiring another day.

Other issues discovered this weekend include the radiator has a hole in somewhere as when we filled it up a puddle started forming under it, this will be taken out and will get a price on test and repair, if its more expensive than a new one we might go down that route.



Car 2 : More test fitting

Well after finishing the repairs to the near side door, we too it to the car and have test fitted it.  the alignment looks pretty close which we are happy about, so far the body is pretty loose and should all come good in the end.




Other progress made this week was more painting, this time the fuel tank has had a coat of chassis black paint and is bolted back in to place.  It will be coming out again soon so we can bolt in the inner sills then should remain in place.  I have also purchased new filler hose, filler neck and breather pipe.

Also have purchased a number of electrical items, including battery cable, an x-eng x-fan thermostat and a set of Carling Contura II switches for controls of some circuits that will be added in the future.

The plan for the next couple of weeks is to prep and paint the roof, fit the x-fan and look to get the battery hooked up and test the circuits.

Car 2 : Body Painting

In the aim of a productive end to 2013 we are again in the workshop, this time with the majority of the remaining body panels.

So far they have been




The only panels remaining on the body work are three doors, the two foot well floors and the roof.  As per original car the roof will stay white but we will be rubbing down and a fresh coat of paint.











Car 2 : Electrical Update

Well we are working through one of the trickiest parts of the rebuild now, reconnecting the wiring.

At the beginning of the process as the wiring was removed we took pictures to see what goes where, the problem i have now is the phone they were taken on has been wiped and don’t have any copies of them.

With the new chassis loom in place I have soldered in connections to the old plugs matching wires from old to new.  But this leaves a few spares that weren’t put in to the new wiring.

In the main plugs on the engine side I have the following wires with nothing connected

  • Purple  [Aux Trailer Power]
  • Red Green  [Rear Wash Wipe]
  • Green  [Rear Wash Wipe]
  • Green Black  [Rear Wash Wipe]
  • Brown Green [Rear Wash Wipe]

As the car doesn’t have rear wash wipe I have put these cables inside the dashboard so they are out of the way, if ever needed they can be reinstated.

Then on the interior side of the bulkhead the following

  • 2 x Brown White
  • Green
  • Green White  [RH Indicator]

The wires above were found on an old picture that shows they were connected in to the fuse box.

  • Red Green
  • Green Black
  • Brown Green

These wires were related to the rear wash wipe system so have been hidden out the way for now.

  • Green Purple  [Brakes]
  • Green LIght Green

These were passed through the bulkhead and connected to the brake pedal switch.

  • Red White  [Dash Illumination]
  • Blue White

When all the connections at the bulkhead end are made we will then run the wiring in to the tub and start to put bullet connections on for the lights.  Then it will be a game of connect the battery and see what works.

Car 2 : Update

Well updating the blog has lapsed a little over recent weeks partly down to being busy.  But here is a list of bits that have been done since the last updated.  Pictures to follow this weekend.

Wiring Harness has been put into conduit and fed through the chassis, just need to move plugs from old harness to the new one and crimp on bullets then that will mostly be done.

Brake system is now totally finished, we have added +2 brake lines as the spring kit we have used is actually a +2 light load springs. but all pipes are run, callipers reinstalled with new pads and all bled.

Steering, the Power Steering box has now been bolted on to the chassis and the column all connected up, all that is left to do is fill with ATF and then realign the wheel as its 90 degrees off at present.

Bulkhead, things such as the vent flaps are now installed, along with the wash wipe systems and parts of the dashboard its self.  Last weekend we also bolted the fuse box back in to place and started moving the wires in to the correct locations.  Hopefully in the near future we will be rebuilding more of the dashboard so they are all hidden away and it should be in a working state again once we get the battery in.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Exhaust, After going down the route of a defender 200tdi exhaust system instead of the old 2.25 system that had been used before we are having to adapt the down pipe that was used previously we need to make it 14 inches longer and also drop a small distance so it mates we the new pipes.

Body Work, rear window sections are repaired and now require prep and paint, hopefully we will also prep the seat box, wind screen wings and bonnet at the same time so we can have a full weekend spraying the parts and take them all down in one go, save mixing paint over different days.






Car 2 : Tub Painting – Done

Well this is a big weekend for us, the custom tub is finally finished and getting painted.

At this moment the primer is going on and saturday will see the top coats of blue applied.










Tub finished and placed on chassis, have a little bit of adjusting that needs doing but should be a simple job with a cutting disc.