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Making Progress

Well carrying on with the progress of work again now, we did some work on 2 of the cars today.

Car 2 : Today we mounted the fuel tank and plumbed it all back in and also took the inlet and exhaust manifolds off the 200tdi so that we could route the dip stick pipe correctly after we rebuilt it a couple of years ago. not an essential task but one we have wanted to do. so while we were at it replaced the gasket with one we purchased a couple of years ago.

Car 4 : We tidied up the cabin a little bit, the previous owner had the glow plugs controlled by a switch on a metal plate in the dash, this was relocated into the dash, similar with the ignition barrel, this had previously dangled by the column so it was relocated in to the dash.

The plan is to do a bit more work tomorrow so will do more updates and get pictures of the work done then.



Well its all been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks between the injury and holidays so here is where we are up to.

Car 1 – hasn’t really changed since the engine was put in, busy looking for a clutch and other parts.

Car 2 – hasn’t changed since the engine and gearbox were refitted but will soon be getting back in to the swing and looking to put in brake lines, fuel lines and tank. Then bolt the bulkhead in to position. We will also be moving on to make the rear window sections for the body work over the next couple of weeks, then we can start spraying up the parts ready to go back on.

Car 3 – this car is now mostly dismantled and the engine and gearbox up for sale.

Car 4 – After repairing the rear diff pan, a couple of weeks ago after about an hours trip one of the core plugs decided to fail. it was replaced and again a couple of weeks later blew out again. Decision was made to replace the head gasket so this weekend was spent stripping it down, tonight we will fit the new gasket and bolt it all up again. Hopefully that will sort the issues out.

New addition to the group!

One of the other friends got a bit of the land rover bug after owning a discovery for a little while so he has now invested in a Series 3 pickup truck which is very nice, needs a little bit of work but its a runner for now.



Car 2 : Engine and Boxes refitted

Well after a bit of a quiet time following the sore arm and returning back to work this weekend has seen a bit more progress carried out.

After bolting in the gearbox mounts it was time to get the motor back in place.

bit of a jig with the crane and pulling and it sat down nicely and is bolted in. next up start to plumb things back in like fuel and wiring.



Car 2 : Chassis Rolling

Well after a busy weekend and a hard couple of nights the chassis is now sitting on the axles and rolling on its own.

Having fitted all new poly bushes and BZP bolts, all that is left to do is tighten them to correct torque and mark that they are done.

The one word of warning anyone thinking about doing a rebuild is if the chassis is lifted on a jack make sure you can get your arms out if it slips.  I have learnt this after the rear spring seat landed on my arm.


Next up is hope the Richards Gearbox Cross Member is delivered soon so that I can paint and fit that before dropping in the engine and box.

Car 2 : Bulkhead repaired and primed

Well after a hard week working away at the bulkhead we have finally repaired the bulkhead.

The repairs we carried out were, top corners replaced on both sides, we chose to make these ourselves as YRM parts didn’t appear to cover all the bits we needed, namely the inside sections which were really rusty and had big holes.

But we did purchase the following bits for both near and off sides.  Extended footwell panels, Pillars and Feet.  We decided that to get the 3 YRM parts aligned correctly we offered them to each other and held together with drill screws.  We then marked up where the new panels would sit and then one at a time cut the old ones out and fitted the new ones.

So with that done and a quick trip to LIverpool Car Paints we picked up all the bits we think we will need to paint the whole car.  But today’s aim was to get the bulkhead primed so we can top coat tomorrow morning and then take to the build location before dad goes on holiday on Monday.


So out with a new spray gun and here is what it looks like.

Car 2 : Bolts purchased, Bulkhead repairs

Well as the title of the post says today i purchased a number of nuts and bolts that will allow me to bolt the suspension and fuel tank to the chassis, so hopefully by the end of sunday I will have the axles painted and bolted back to the chassis.

Also we have been carrying out more of the repairs to the bulkhead, both top corners are welded up and repaired, and we have cut out the near side footwells, door pillar and bulkhead foot.  The replacements have been tacked in to place, so tomorrow night it should be fully welded and the off side tacked in, if not welded.  then over the weekend we will be finalising the car colour and painting the bulkhead.

Will update the article with pictures as soon as possible

Car 2 : Bits back from blasting

Well 10 am today got a call that parts were ready to be collected from shot blasting. After 24 hours I was impressed, and at £50 I think good value. So many thanks to impact engineering wallasey would certainly use them again.

So picked them up and then primed and painted. Here are a couple of pictures.









Bank Holiday Bumper Update

First things first, due to computer being a bit of a pain the photos will follow shortly.

Well what a bank holiday weekend it has been, first one this year where we have actually had both cars to work on. Plus maybe a couple of side projects.

So here is the update.

Car 1 :

Well after a bit of time with little progress this weekend has been a big jump. Most of the delays have been down to the issue with the bushes we last reported in the poly bushes being too short and a gap being in the chassis. So new bushes were purchased and then on Saturday using a fly press pushed them in to the axles and chassis.

20130826-225453.jpgAfter noticing a bit of weakness in the rear cross member welding we decided to weld in some plates to strengthen the mount, so some grinding and welding later we are happy its stronger.


So the paint was touched up and the axles all bolted to the chassis hopefully for the last time.


Next up the engine came back to the build location after a checking over, a quick coat of green paint it was mounted back to the chassis along with the fuel tank.


Also trial fitted the bulkhead and wings from car 2.


Car 2 :

Well this week we have removed all the last bits from the old chassis, the last bits off were the A Frame and brackets, these were heavily rusted so required grinding off.

A number of parts were removed so they could go for shot blasting before refitting, these parts are :

  • 2 x Radius Arms
  • 2 x Trailing Arms
  • 2 x A Frame Arms
  • 2 x A Frame Chassis Brackets
  • 2 x Top Rear Shock Mounts
  • Panhard Rod
  • Fuel Tank front bracket

These will hopefully be in Tuesday morning and back this week.

The axles for the car were also rubbed down and primed ready for painting before they go back on hopefully before the weekend.

While the axles were dry and not yet bolted to the car we decided to change the bearings and brake disks. Again the fly press helped pushing the bearings in to place and in the day the rear axle was done, just the front to do now.

Car 3 :

After a bit of work this project has been put on hold for now and may be scrapped in the future, we shall see.

Car 4 :

A silver 300 tdi disco, this is a normal road car for one of the lads, after smashing a rear diff earlier this year a replacement pan was welded in to place but had always had a little leak as it was welded in place, so as the weather was nice we decided to remove the axle and weld in the garage.

After trying we found it still leaked so the axle is still off for now so this will be on going for now.


Car 5 :

Well car 5 strictly shouldn’t appear on the blog as its not a Land Rover and the owner doesn’t have a Land Rover but he is one of the group of friends so we are putting it on.

The car is a Toyota Celica Race car that is a just starting project, There is no clear direction yet but we shall update the blog with more information. This weekend no work was done, but we did sell a spare set of wheels that came with the car so all good for now.

Car 2 : One busy day

Well, after a full days work, it was time to move on to the Land Rover.

Session 1 – take the new chassis and ready it for painting over the weekend.

So we made some space and stood the chassis on edge using the crane



Next applied t wash to etch the galv ready for prime tomorrow.




We also made up brackets that the seat belts mount to and also a tub capping for across the bulkhead. Will look to get pictures of these next time.

Session 2 : after a short food break swapped locations to where the old car currently is and where the build will happen.

Working to the aim of stripping the last of the old chassis down we set sights on finally getting the engine and boxes out.

After a bit of messing round and trying things it eventually worked so just after 11pm it was on a pallet ready to be cleaned up.