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Car 2 : One busy day

Well, after a full days work, it was time to move on to the Land Rover.

Session 1 – take the new chassis and ready it for painting over the weekend.

So we made some space and stood the chassis on edge using the crane



Next applied t wash to etch the galv ready for prime tomorrow.




We also made up brackets that the seat belts mount to and also a tub capping for across the bulkhead. Will look to get pictures of these next time.

Session 2 : after a short food break swapped locations to where the old car currently is and where the build will happen.

Working to the aim of stripping the last of the old chassis down we set sights on finally getting the engine and boxes out.

After a bit of messing round and trying things it eventually worked so just after 11pm it was on a pallet ready to be cleaned up.



Car 2 : Removing More Parts

Now the new chassis and parts have arrived we are starting to reduce the parts on the old chassis so we can clean them up, repair where needed and prep for painting.

So this evening. We set out removal of the body work, so bonnet, windscreen and off side wing have all been unbolted. Amazed that so far we have only used spammers sockets and screw drivers.

On removing the windscreen the damage to the bulkhead was exposed fully, the rust has gone along the top also, so tomorrow a discussion over we will just plate it up or purchase the repair parts and weld them in. Maybe further investigation to see where the bad metal stops.




Plan for tomorrow evening should be other wing and seat box. If we have time axles also.

Update from Tuesday Night

Well other wing and seat box came off last night.  we also removed tree sliders and one of the inner sills.  So next up should be axles off soon then should only have engine & boxes, bulkhead and fuel tank still attached.  get them off and the chassis can be moved out the way ready to be cut up and scrapped.

Unfortunately no pictures as my phone died just as i tried to take one.

Car 2 : Chassis Delivered

Well the chassis was dropped off just after 9am today. Its now being stored till later this week when we are looking to paint it then move it to the build location


This is my one on top, the others are a little jolly jaunt in to North Wales for the driver.



I contacted Richards regarding the chassis and stamping the number from the old chassis.

This is what they say :

The law states that you can replace the chassis with a “New” chassis and that if you fit the chassis you can stamp it.

You do not need to inform anyone that you have fitted a new chassis. Land Rover consider the chassis a spare part and they do list them in their spare parts books.

Car 2 : Moved

Well small update that’s not so important, we have moved the car to the place where it is going to be built up.


Now its there we will finish the strip down, remove the last bits of body work and axles.  The plan so far is, leave engine and boxes on the chassis.  take the axles off, rub down and paint.

Things like the radius arms and trailing arms I will get shot blasted and then paint them up.

The replacement chassis has been on order for 6 weeks now so in theory it should be here in the next 2 weeks.  Our optimistic deadline for completion is going to be End of August this year.

Car 1 : Progress this week

Well, a productive week for the story of car 1, including the collection of a whole load of parts won on ebay from over the river in Liverpool and the eventual purchase of the bush kit.

After seeing the item on ebay a whole load of parts in pictures the item was won so on Wednesday we went off to collect, and we were surprised by how much stuff there was. Here are a couple of pictures:

IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0168 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0172

Items of note include a front axle with free wheeling hubs, 4 windscreens, 2 rear screen sections and a whole lot more

The next big job was bush replacement, we were starting with the chassis bushes, so out with a home made puller, a good length of M10 stud iron, nuts, washers and length of scaffold tube. after a few hours we had the inner tubes and rubber out, just the outer metal tube remained. with the use of a hacksaw, chisels and hammers they were soon out too. Then it was in with the new britpart polybush kit.

IMG_0174 IMG_0175 IMG_0176 IMG_0177

The issue with the bushes


Car 1 : Chassis Painting

Well today we have had the axles off the chassis and started to give it the first coat of chassis black paint.

So unbolted the springs and moved chassis in to the garage and out with the brushes and rollers.

The first coat looks good, still the underside to paint and then a second coat and will be done ready for the engine and boxes to go back in.

IMG_0160_2 IMG_0161_2 IMG_0162_2


UPDATE : Monday 24th

Chassis turned and bottom painted.

IMG_3377 IMG_8821

Car 2 : Step 1 Parts Removal

Well a good way to spend fathers day was working with dad on stripping down the car to get ready for the rebuild.  Step 1 was empty out all the stuff we had stored in there and found a new home for it all.  Then we were going to remove anything that is not essential to the engine running.

IMG_0003 (Medium)

So it was time to remove all of the following :

  • Interior Light
  • Headlining inc rear view mirror & sun visors
  • CB Arial wire
  • Light Bar & Wiring
  • Snorkel
  • Cubby Box
  • CB Radio
  • Missile switches from the dash
  • Rear Seats
  • Seat belt mounts for the front
  • Rear head padding
  • All rear lights & tow bar wiring

IMG_0007 (Medium) IMG_0006 (Medium) IMG_0005 (Medium) IMG_0004 (Medium) IMG_0002 (Medium)

The plan at the moment is some time this week remove the roof, rear window section and rear tub.  We will then cover the cab section with a tarp till the chassis arrives and we move the car to the location of the rebuild.

While working round the car we gave all the tub mounts a good spray with penetrating fluid so hopefully they will all come off a bit easier when we try to do it.

Car 2 : Planning

Well I am at a stage now where I am starting to plan and get ready to buy parts from my rebuild.  We have contacted Richards Chassis to start the ball rolling on one of their 90 chassis with bolt in gearbox cross member.

Next is planning around the other parts we want to fit new with the rebuild, the list so far consist of:

  • Wiring for making up new harness for lights.
  • Bush Kit
  • Shocks, Springs, Spring Retainers, Spring Seats
  • Bump Stops
  • Brake hoses, master cylinder, servo, pipe, pads
  • New side / indicator (front, rear & side) / reverse / fog lights.
  • UJ’s for the props
  • Front shock turrets
  • Replacement bolts where needed
  • NEW – Front Seat belts
  • NEW – Front Seat covers

UPDATE: Delivery Window

Had a call last night saying that the order will now be progressing and delivery to be expected within 6 – 8 weeks.  So that is a delivery between 22nd June & 9th July

Unplanned Progress

Considering that last week one of the lads doing the build was injured, requiring 12 stitches in his arm I thought progress would have slowed a bit till he was better, but with the nice weather the other 2 of us decided to progress a bit.


This is after the stitches, the before is a bit too nasty for the blog. Stitches out 08/06/13 hopefully.

Plan started with “Lets bolt the springs back on to the axles, see how the colours look together. But some how it ended up as being lets have the car back to a rolling chassis. With a bit of a hand from the owners brother we moved the chassis from its stored location out to the car port and on top of the axles.

The chassis still needs its final coat of paint which we hope will come in the next couple of weeks. Then we will be getting the engine, gearbox and transfer box back on to the chassis.


This is a bit of off roading from the lad with the injury, the car here is currently in bits and the car that recovered is the one that he is now driving.