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Car 1 : Update on rebuild

Well here is a long awaited update on the progress of car 1.

In the last update the tub had been painted and the cappings put on, wiring loom threaded in to chassis, brakes completed, steering.

Since this the seatbox has been painted green, bits on it have been detailed in black such as the latches for the seat tops.  The rear body work sections have also been painted green and bolted on to the black roof.  This is now sat on the tub in place ready to be bolted down when we are ready.


Plans for this week include getting the inner sills bolted back in place, the seatbox bolted in and the rubbing down and painting of the wings and bonnet.  they will all be fitted once we have the engine wired up and running correctly.


We have actually started the engine in the last couple of weeks but it just revved so after a bit of diagnosis we think there is an issue with the webber carb that is fitted, it will be replaced in the next 2 weeks with a zenith copy so we shouldn’t have any more issues there.




Car 1 : Progressing

Well this update is a couple of weeks over due, namely getting round to writing it but the recent progress has been :

Shocks fitted, after trying to fit the shocks with the poly bushes we found them to be a very tight fit so we ended up making a tool that allowed the pin to be put in while the bush was compressed with a clamp.  this worked a treat and in no time all 4 shocks were in place.

Rear Check Straps, once the shocks were in place we fitted the new straps and bolted up tightly.

Brake Lines, we have fitted a set of standard length braided brake hoses originally planned for car 2, but they were too short. Next step for brake lines will be running the full lengths of copper pipe and completing the brake system.

Front Grill, the front grill section has been painted green, it will have 1 more coat then can be refitted to the chassis along with a new radiator that has been purchased, the original was beyond repair.

Car 2 : Engine and Boxes refitted

Well after a bit of a quiet time following the sore arm and returning back to work this weekend has seen a bit more progress carried out.

After bolting in the gearbox mounts it was time to get the motor back in place.

bit of a jig with the crane and pulling and it sat down nicely and is bolted in. next up start to plumb things back in like fuel and wiring.



Car 1 : Progress this week

Well, a productive week for the story of car 1, including the collection of a whole load of parts won on ebay from over the river in Liverpool and the eventual purchase of the bush kit.

After seeing the item on ebay a whole load of parts in pictures the item was won so on Wednesday we went off to collect, and we were surprised by how much stuff there was. Here are a couple of pictures:

IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0168 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0172

Items of note include a front axle with free wheeling hubs, 4 windscreens, 2 rear screen sections and a whole lot more

The next big job was bush replacement, we were starting with the chassis bushes, so out with a home made puller, a good length of M10 stud iron, nuts, washers and length of scaffold tube. after a few hours we had the inner tubes and rubber out, just the outer metal tube remained. with the use of a hacksaw, chisels and hammers they were soon out too. Then it was in with the new britpart polybush kit.

IMG_0174 IMG_0175 IMG_0176 IMG_0177

The issue with the bushes


Car 1 : Chassis Painting

Well today we have had the axles off the chassis and started to give it the first coat of chassis black paint.

So unbolted the springs and moved chassis in to the garage and out with the brushes and rollers.

The first coat looks good, still the underside to paint and then a second coat and will be done ready for the engine and boxes to go back in.

IMG_0160_2 IMG_0161_2 IMG_0162_2


UPDATE : Monday 24th

Chassis turned and bottom painted.

IMG_3377 IMG_8821

Unplanned Progress

Considering that last week one of the lads doing the build was injured, requiring 12 stitches in his arm I thought progress would have slowed a bit till he was better, but with the nice weather the other 2 of us decided to progress a bit.


This is after the stitches, the before is a bit too nasty for the blog. Stitches out 08/06/13 hopefully.

Plan started with “Lets bolt the springs back on to the axles, see how the colours look together. But some how it ended up as being lets have the car back to a rolling chassis. With a bit of a hand from the owners brother we moved the chassis from its stored location out to the car port and on top of the axles.

The chassis still needs its final coat of paint which we hope will come in the next couple of weeks. Then we will be getting the engine, gearbox and transfer box back on to the chassis.


This is a bit of off roading from the lad with the injury, the car here is currently in bits and the car that recovered is the one that he is now driving.


Late May Bank Holiday Progress

A busy last couple of weeks away from the car with other commitments and rejigging the garage we once again cracked on with a Bank Holiday weekend of work on the car.

Our target for this one was prime and paint the axles, springs and U Bolts.

To get there we had to rub down plenty of bits, all thankfully smaller than the chassis.

WhitBankHoliday (11) (Large)

The colour plan for the car so far is black body work, black chassis, yellow engine, yellow springs and red axels.

WhitBankHoliday (Large) WhitBankHoliday (6) (Large)  WhitBankHoliday (4) (Large)WhitBankHoliday (10) (Large)WhitBankHoliday (2) (Large)


When the springs are dry we will be turning them over and painting the other side.  so this week we should be able to bolt springs back to axles and then look to bolt that all back on to the chassis when we have purchased the bush kit for it.

May Day Progress

Well with the nice weather, the progress on Friday had to be followed up again with another productive day.


After a little bit more work rubbing the chassis down we decided that it was far enough to prime.  So out with the red undercoat and roller.




So after a hard day of prep, clean and paint it gets to pack up time, the last thing we move under cover turns out to be a cross member from the chassis that we unbolted to clean and the forgot about, so we still have that to paint but should be done soon.

Next up : Rubbing down the axles and springs and hopefully by the end of May we will have them all painted and bolted together so back to a rolling chassis.

Easter Weekend Progress

Well after the fun and games of Friday we worked some more on Saturday and Monday, so here is a little run down of what we have done.

First job was to finish stripping out the old chassis so removing the bulkhead and engine.  With the aid of an engine hoist this was made much easier.

IMG_0109 IMG_0108


At this point we could clear out the work space and give us plenty of room for the new chassis.

Late on Friday night the new rear roof section arrived from North Wales, so we also wanted to pop that on the tub and see how it sat.

IMG_0113 IMG_0114


We spent the rest of the afternoon giving the sections of body a jet wash and starting to clear the chassis to tidy it all up then prepare ourselves for the hard work to start on the Monday.

The original plan for Monday was to strip down the old and new bulkheads so we could better assess their condition, the new bulkhead we picked up with the chassis came with replacement foot wells, but we want to give the rest of it a once over too.

But the best laid plans changed and first thing we did was to fire up the diesel engine which was sold as running, so after wiring up and a bit of work it turned over and sounded pretty nice.

So after that little win for the day we decided to strip the chassis right down and start removing the protection and paint, with the plan that we will check the condition of all the metal, do any repairs that we can see then re apply some protection.

IMG_0011 IMG_0012

Out came the engine, gearbox, fuel tank and anything else we could unbolt and remove to the point by time we finished the only bits left on were the axles, which we hope to get off one night this week so they can be cleaned and painted.  The current thinking is red axles and yellow springs with black chassis.


Chassis collection

Well we are on our way on 150 mile round trip to collect the chassis for the series 2 car.


Well chassis collected and we got a new bulkhead while we were at it.



Well after a long morning / afternoon traveling we got back with the new toys and started getting the garage ready to put everything in.  First job was to move the old chassis sideways so we could put the new one in next to it.

Clear Garage


As we moved the old chassis it showed how bad a condition it was in by snapping in half, here is a picture of the underside of the rear end.



So after we tidied all that up we rolled the new chassis into place next to it, this one looks in much better condition.  we also popped the new bulkhead into place just to see how it looks.



Up next is setting out a list of jobs that need doing so we can get on with the rebuild.