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Car 1 : Bumper Bank Holiday Update

Well its been a few weeks since the last updates on the blog and boy have things moved on recently!

With the long bank holiday weekend ahead progress started on Thursday evening, the removal of the tub rear cross member, this has been replaced with a stainless steel and riveted in place.  Also fitted are 3 x britpart tub floor supports and new rear quater pannels from the same material as the tub for car 2.

Then it was time for primer and top coat, as bright as the bulkhead looked the tub shows it off even more but it still looks good.

A second coat will be added then black cappings rivetted back on.

Also the repair for the battery box has been put back in to the seat box.  this will be bolted on to the tub soon.

20140420-100409 pm.jpg

20140420-100423 pm.jpg

20140420-100439 pm.jpg

20140420-100455 pm.jpg

20140420-100502 pm.jpg

20140420-100512 pm.jpg

20140420-100521 pm.jpg

20140420-100529 pm.jpg

20140420-100536 pm.jpg

20140420-100545 pm.jpg

20140420-100552 pm.jpg

20140420-100602 pm.jpg

20140420-100613 pm.jpg

20140420-100620 pm.jpg

20140420-100632 pm.jpg

20140420-100638 pm.jpg

20140420-100646 pm.jpg


Car 2 : More Tub Progress – Updated

Well here are some pictures of the progress we have made with the tub over the last 2 weeks, due to a little miscalculation we have had to go over and modify some of the parts we had already done, but think we are pretty good now. 20130806-092417.jpg Our new fuel filler section that will be mounted in to the wing, We are going to keep standard side tank, instead of changing to a TD5 style one mainly due to the costs. 20130806-092425.jpg 20130806-092429.jpg Some detail shots of the riveting done on the seat boxes. 20130806-092434.jpg 20130806-092439.jpg


Seat box in position in the tub and the strengtheners welded in to the bottom of them. We have made up the sections where the front door slams mount but we haven’t fitted them just yet as we also need to do a couple of strengthening pieces for them.  There is a fair bit of detail in a tub you don’t see normally, can see why a new one would cost £2,200 now.

Update 08/08/2013

So last night we committed to the positions of the seat boxes with the rest of the car, the sides had temporary pop rivets in them to free up the assembly pins holding them in.  We marked the front bulkhead with where they meet up and drilled through and also drilled the rear 1/4 panels for the rivet holes.

20130808-081959.jpg 20130808-081951.jpg 20130808-082024.jpg 20130808-082028.jpg

We also positioned and drilled the wings to hold the front door slam panel in place to they were offered up and we even tried the door seal on them.

20130808-082019.jpg 20130808-082014.jpg 20130808-081951.jpg 20130808-081959.jpg


Car 2 : Tub progress – Updated

Well a good day working on the tub section of the car, we have bent the bulkhead in to shape, welded the braces to the bulkhead, created the section that goes down from the bulkhead and includes rear floor supports and seat belt mounts.. We also made up the small flat section that bolts to the front seat box.

They are all bent and drilled, tomorrow we will pin on the rear wings and rear 1/4 panels that will help us take measurements for the seat boxes which we also hope to make up tomorrow.






Update :

Well, what a busy day we had on Sunday, after prepping the sections we popped it together and laid it up on the old tub, so here is what that looks like.

Weekend (1) Weekend (2) Weekend (3) Weekend (4) Weekend (5) Weekend (6) Weekend (7) Weekend (8) Weekend (9) Weekend (10) Weekend (11)


Well after such a good day, we decided that we could go on and work the wheel boxes, after a slight miscalculation we decided to call it a day and try again on Tuesday.

So just home from a good evening in the workshop, we started to build the seat boxes, with such a complicated shape it was a challenge getting them right.  but we did it and here they are:

Tuesday (1) Tuesday (2) Tuesday (3) Tuesday (4) Tuesday (5) Tuesday (6) Tuesday (7) Tuesday (8) Tuesday (9) Tuesday (10) Tuesday (11) Tuesday (12) Tuesday (13) Tuesday (14) Tuesday (15)

Car 2 – Tub Started – Updated

Well today we finally started work on the tub for car 2, we first thought the sheets would be 10 x 5 but we ended up with 8 x 4 so got 4 sheets. one would make the rear wings and rear tub sections.

So, Step 1, nice clean sheet of metal :


Step 2 : a trip to the plasma cutter, we have the 2 parts for the rear wings :

DSC_2219 (Small) DSC_2222 (Small)

Step 3 : cut in some details for the shape

DSC_2223 (Small)

Step 4 : Put an initial bend in from where to start the radius

DSC_2224 (Small)

Step 5 : Put into jig to form radius and bend

DSC_2226 (Small) DSC_2230 (Small)

Step 6 : Add additional details such as the top bend and the semi circle for the window section mounts.

DSC_2231 (Small)

Step 7 : Using a wooden template of the wheel arch mark out the returns needed and cut, then clamp 2 bits of wood either side of the sheet to form the arch and returns. Bash with hammer till they follow the shape.

DSC_2236 (Small)

Step 8 : Remove the wood and then check with eyebrow and against existing tub

DSC_2240 (Small) DSC_2243 (Small)

Time taken to create 2 wings, 5 hrs 30, this included setting up of all equipment, taking measurements, making them and packing away afterwards. All in all not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Updated – Tuesday 16/07/2013

As part of the same sheet we planned to make the 2 rear quarter panels for the lower tub section. In lunch time Monday this is what was achieved:

Section of sheet cut down to size, marked and the radius cut out:


Then all bent up and offered up to the rear wing.