Car 2 : 1984 Ninety [ Ian ]


History :

I have owned the car since 2005, it started out as a 2.25L petrol ninety that had been used at a stables.  After experiencing off roading in a friends car I decided to get a Landy and join in.

After 2 years of owning the car made the choice to convert to a 200tdi from a discovery, found a car on ebay that was only down the road so purchased it and then provided all the parts to a mechanic friend who did the conversion for me.

During a day out in Bala ended up having a little accident where water ended up in the engine, 12 months after the engine failed, after a couple of months found another 200tdi at decent value so purchased that and replaced the engine.

Over time the MOT’s came back with more and more welding required to the chassis and was getting to the point of welding on to repairs and we didn’t want to go down that road, so the car spent 2 years SORN’d.

After coming to a deal with a good friend to build a website for a project, in return I got a nice new chassis from Richards.  Then the rebuild began.

Plan :

Rebuild car on to a new galvanized chassis also replace rear tub and doors due to corrosion.

Posts :

You can read all the posts for car 2 here


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